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South Zone birds?

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Travis907, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Anyone seeing any birds in the south zone. If you are, where are you seeing most of them? Lakes,rivers or potholes??
  2. Hey Travis,

    I am not for sure about right now with everything opening up, but last week most of the birds that we were seeing were on the good sized lakes. Mainly geese and a rather large amount of them. Even saw some snow geese for the first time in Indiana. I think most of the ducks have gone on through already. We did see some but nothing like years past at this time of the year.
    What area are you hunting in?

  3. Last week I saw quite a few snows. I hunt around Fayette and Franklin County the most. Hopefully the rivers go down a little bit here in the next few days. Where do you do most of your hunting?
  4. Shot 2 drake mallards yesterday. I hunt potholes. Been seeing ducks every time, and quite a few of them, but they have smarted up a lot. Shot a goose over my duck deke's last week; i was seeing lots of geese far away, and happened to call a group of 7 over my ducks. Where r the geese now? haven't been able to find them anywhere this week!
  5. I hunted Vermillion Co. on the Wabash River two days ago and saw roughly 1000 GreenHeads. We saw birds until we quit at 430. They were flying all day. Saw a few Geese also, but most of them were using the cornfields around the river.
  6. Travis if you're familiar with the Richmond area go up to Roundbarn and Industries Rd. the fields up there are full of geese and ducks and I mean literally full. Theres a bunch of snows there too. At least 3000 geese, probably more.
  7. Hoosier birds...

    Never have thought the birds down that way were very call shy especially this time of year...headed to some farms near richmond friday...cant wait!!! Birds are usually as easy as canuck birds!
  8. Hunting a pothole near the Patoka River this past weekend and seen a few Greenheads and Woodies while Goose hunting. Had about 250-300 Honkers roosting on our water, that we busted off. Throughout the day had 3-4 good v's of 10 or more and a couple of solo's. Knocked down 4 between the 3 of us so it wasn't a total loss.