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South Zone

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Made the trip over the border this morning. Found me a river in the south zone to try. Man were the woodies in there thick. Had them coming at us all morning. Fast little boogers. Just a guess we saw atleast 1000 woodies.

    Final count was
    1 mallard
    1 goose
    4 woodies


  2. Nice lookin' combs on them thar birds!

  3. Good job, Pigeon...those woodies look great.
  4. Way to go Pigeon, kill them all
  5. congrats pig (pij) .... lol ....didnt want any confusion on that .... congrats on the birds ... and again congrats on ya band from the early season !!! way to go !!! looks/sounds like ya kickin this season off right !!! sounds also like ya saw what i did with the woodies !!! loads of em !! wonder how long it will be til the gov will raise the limit to 3 .... the past 5 years or so i have been seein LOADS of woods .... when they werent near those numbers in the past .... the 3 bird limit seems like it is within reason .... 3 bird limit with only 1 of those being a hen ..... at least give it a shot for a season or two to see what happens .... i mean ... the survey on the woods cant be even close to the actual number of birds due to so many nesting in secluded swamps, ponds, lakes, etc .... what im sayin is ... cant be near as acurate as the mallard, pintail, can, etc numbers .... what do ya think ??
  6. Love those Wood-dros. Awesome color on them.
  7. Its been a couple years since I have found a concentration of woodies as big as the ones we saw last weekend. Tons of them. Yes, I think they could raise the limit to 3. I dont really see that they are being pounded anywhere. Always lots here on the river in the summer. Must have had a decent amount startin south already also. We did see a bunch of them.
  8. good that sumbody sees the same was i do as far as the woods .... i think they keep a small route also .... and thats why we se ethe big numbers where we are huntin ...stage up in a fairly small area then head south .... hard tellin what the southern boys do to em tho ... but cant be much if we are seein this many woods in the past few years .... but anyone that has hunted south of the mason will tell ya they will pass anything up for a greenhead .... lol .... had wood duck stir fry earlier today .... OMG !!! hope to kill a few more fore they bug out and head south