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  1. Is anyone else having the same problem that I am. This morning I had 5 Toms gobbling in there roost. Then when they pitch down, they stopped gobbling. The Tom's do not show any interest in my calls. I have been hunting turkey's for about 8 years mainly in Kansas. I believe that the season starts to late in southern Indiana. It seems that the breeding is over. I have talked to several hunter from southern Indiana and they all feel the same way. Being new to Indiana maybe they should split the state and start the turkey season south of I-70 2 to 3 weeks early. North of I-70 keep the season the same.
  2. Hate when that happens.....had same problem last weekend guy...get closer to the Roost if you can and call as soon as you see them fly down!!!!!

  3. yes it is a problem. WHY? because the breeding season is winding down. some places more so than others. in my opinion which everybody has one indiana's season does come in awful late. ky's season comes in the 15th a full 11 days before indiana's. you basically get 0ne week of good turkey hunting before the season and turkeys turn quite once they hit the ground and won't respond to calls. i think the only chance is for a guy to take some bobble heads and decoys and just sit in a blind don't call or very sparingly and soft every once in awhile and get in a blind and wait them out. went to ky. this weekend and it's the same problem. they gobble on the roost and then fly down they go the other way. watched a tom in the middle of a field for 20 minutes all puffed out before we did some soft yelps then he came out of strut and walked the other way. killing a tom in late season is tough. season dates need to be around the 10th to the 15th.
  4. I say lets do it like FLORIDA... They have the same setup north is later south is earlier... I turkey hunt on one of the first farms that the Wild Turkey was reintroduced into this state on. You get about 5 good days of gobbling turkeys at the start of the season then after that its all ambush and spot and stalk in the fields. Its really not much fun at all after those first five days. Two weeks earlier and you would be amazed at the number of turkeys youd get to respond. This morning we had a tom in the roose about four trees down from us. He gobbled till about 915 on the roose would not fly down into the hen decoys nothing. Just stayed up there and gobbled himself hoarse in the throat. Every note we threw at him hed give it a few minutes then gaaaalalalala. I had to be back up north before noon so we just had flush him off the roost when we left. He would not fly down to his ladies. Just wouldnt do it. dont konw i have one more weekend to smoke one. The guns are coming out now. Take care and good luck if you havent already gotten one.
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    I haven't had this problem, my birds have been gobbling their heads off, but they are still with hens. I have actually had a couple of good chances at birds, but I have blown my set up. Yesterday I had on gobble and had to fight a hen verbally, she won, but I followed them, couldn't get in front and watched him strutt about 15 yards out of range. I did some scratching and soft purrs and such, he'd take 4 steps to me, then 5 away, I loved the show he put in, wish it was a up close show....I had something for his time and trouble.
  6. I'm about as far north as you can go in this state without getting into MI, and even I think the season comes in too late. We only get about eight days of hot birds before everything shuts down. It seems as though I remember a lot more of the tougher days during the season than the really good ones....or maybe I'm just no damn good at turkey hunting!
  7. I agree that it comes in too late. Unless you get one the first few days of the season it becomes a real challenge. I'd like to see the season come in about a week and a half earlier. A split season between the northern part of the state and the southern part might be a good idea too.
  8. .....and another thing...I read where our bird population is only approx. 11,000, just slightly less than Illinois.....Missouri's population is over 50,000 birds...we need to get those numbers up and start the season earlier...