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Southern MI Lakes

Discussion in 'Indiana Bass Fishing' started by JL, May 14, 2006.

  1. Was just wondering if anyone has fished some of the smaller lakes south of Marshall, MI? You can see a few of them from 69 as you're driving by, and they look pretty good (Nottawa Lake, Fish Lake, Lyon Lake, Pine Lake, Long Lake). Any info would be appreciated.
  2. The Lyon King!!!!!

    Lyon Lake???? I think your ancestors are callin' you home Coach!!? When we going?

  3. You would think I would know something about Lyon Lake, but I really don't.
  4. James' Lyin...???!!!

    You're Lyon, James!!??
  5. Hi James it's time that you and I and yes Dean to check out Lyon's lake and a few more just let me know when and where and I time. I live to FISH
  6. OK...I see how it is....

    I out fish 410 one time, and he's pretty quick to jump into someone else's boat.
    Don't do it 410, we have those Pike Lake 'eyes patterned now!!
  7. Well James I should have said, you and I and yes Dean and QUAIL need to check out some of the lakes. Quail, yes you out fished me one time and my feeling are hurt.
  8. 410, let's just not total the number of fish we've both caught so far this year, or I may start to actually cry...I still have a lot of catching up to do.
  9. James we use to fish the Randal Chain, Have you done any fishing there?
  10. James , the Marcum LX5 works very well on these lakes ;) . Never have fished the soft water here . Have caught nice northerns , perch & gills GOOD LUCK:fish: :fish: :fish2: :fish2: .
  11. WHA!!!!!!???????

    Dean and Quail don't belong in the same sentence together, AND you want me in the same boat with the Birdman??? PLEASE!!!!!!

    Let's just stick to the Lyon, Weimer, Tucker 3-some (leave it alone...people). We catch "WALLEYES" together...not guppies.

    Perhaps Quail can get that one fella to fish with that I have been superimposed next to in that lame-o picture he carries around....

    "Houston, we have a problem...."

    You have the walleyes patterned Birdman? Rule No. 1 with never, I repeat never....know what those critters will do from day to day. You have a lot to learn...."My YOung...Apprentice.....!!!! YOung Quailwalker!!!!!!"
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  12. Here here Tuck...I don't want Deano slowing me down either!