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Southern Outdoor Classic

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by radio host, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone. I wanted to invite all to our 2nd annual Southern Outdoor Classic on Sept 28-29 at the Greensburg Fairgrounds. This show is dedicated to all Outdoor enthusiasts. Hunting, fishing, camping,ATV's, just about anyting Outdoors. Also this year the HEROES truck wil be returning. This is a truck dedicated to all Armed forces, police, fire etc. It is known as the world's greatest show truck. Also an appearance by the General Lee. Our deer wall Hall of Fame will be returning with some of the Largest whitetails taken from Indiana. The 1st 75 entries will receive plaques. This is free. I'd ask any of you who want to be there please visit the web information page Our show dates have been changed to Sept 28-29 The Fairgrounds is located right off of I-74 and St.Rd 3. Daily charge is $2. You can reach me at 812-593-4308 or email

  2. I talked to one of the radio hosts recently, it's legit. Told him I know of a big non-typical that might come to the show! These are good people.
  3. Thanks for puttin' a good word in for me Eric...I'll try to get "The Boss" over there.

  4. Boy, there's a name you don't see more than a couple dozen times a year:evilsmile !

    Any new photos, Randy?
  5. Bump....

    With many Fall festivals and other outdoor activities scheduled for September in Southern Indiana, it has been suggested that we re-schedule the SOC to another date.

    It is our desire to give vendors the “most for their money”and provide an exciting outdoor show, that does not compete for potential customers with other attractions.

    Upon those recommendations, we have decided to move the Southern Outdoor Classic to the 3rd weekend of April 2008.

    Details of the event will be posted on the website at

    Southern Outdoor Promotions

    Gary R.Copeland