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Spillway Reports???

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by goggleye57, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Ice is no good and I might get an overwhelming urge to fish this weekend. I thought about a drive down to spillway at Missesinewa or Salamonie. Any reports out there? Anyone have any experience fishing there this time of year? :confused:
  2. I stopped at Salamonie a couple weeks ago. Before all the rain. It was really moving, really muddy, and really boring. I can't imagine it has gotten better... but maybe worse.

    Good luck. Let me know if you get out somewhere. I have to go to Ft. Wayne Wednesday.


  3. spillway reports

    This is a site i use to keep track of the res. property

    click-River,lakes,lock and dam technical reports


    click-Daily lake reports
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