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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by ccavacini, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Looking for some spinnerbait gurus out there. I've committed to throwing them more this summer. Use them mostly for pike in Canada, but not too much in Indiana.

    Never sure what color (usually throw white) which blades--what time of year--how deep.

    I throw one about 10 min. and if there's no bite, I always go back to a worm.

    Ok, let's have it.
  2. I use then quite a bit, but I think their success depends on what you are fishing for and what kind of day it is. I have the best luck with them on bright, clear days when fishing for white bass or wipers. The best colors are--as always--white with a silver leaf or chartreusse with a gold lear. On clear days the chartreusse with a trout (dotty) pattern usually works when slow trolled for walleye. My take on it has been to troll them so slowly you can feel the lure moving over the bottom of the lake. I have also noticed in my neck of the woods that the inlines I buy at Wal Mart (5 for $4.85) only work on certain lakes. If I use them on Brookville or Cataract they are usually productive. If I try the same lure on Lake Monroe I rarely get anything.

  3. I also throw quiet a few spinnerbaits for bass, Chart./ Chart. blades work about all the time where I fish. But sometimes I go with white/white or siver blades/ white depends on the weather and water color.
  4. i love spinners they go deep ,stay on top and go in the weeds ,you name it i have had them hit it i have even gotten catfish on them ? willow blades ,colorado blades,and dont forget inline spinners too i could go all day on them pike .muskey ,walleye ,bass,blue gill ,crappie,perch ,trout .steel heads,coho,:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: one of my faves.
  5. If using them for Pike in Canada go with Orange, Red, or White and use the big thumping blades (not sure on blade size). In Indiana for Largemouth Bass use White, Chartruese, Orange/Brown combo, Purple, Green/White combo. Add a pork spin trailer to some of these baits to give it a different look from time to time. Give them more than 10 minutes, spinner baits are a great fish locator and once you hook a few with them you can switch off to a rubber worm, jig/pig, topwater, or whatever the conditions call for.....GOOD LUCK!
  6. all spinnerbaits are good

    all spinnerbaits are good as long the are white. by adding curly tail, frog chunk or any other plastic makes it fall slower or faster depending on what you add. stinger hook also should be used when fish are short striking. Blades i change, colorado, indiana, willow leaf, double blades, depending on what time of year, fish activity, and cover I'm fishing. I Know you can buy many different names and styles but I have found very little sucess rate diiference as long as I am casting accurately. 1/2 ounce when its hot or water is dark. 3/8's when I'm covering lots of water. 1/4 when fishing is tough and they are finicky. Good luck
    rip their lips off when they strike
  7. I have never had much luck w/ anything but black an blue. I'm not shure what weight they even are, but they are the littler ones that ya normally see. I had one bite on a lighter blue and green, then i tossed it out and forgot to close my quick disconnect... :banghead3 Then I had problems catching fish on that lure... :coco:

    I'll have to try some of these colors mentioned this year.

  8. in the fall last year i caught lots of bass on different colors just throwing parallel with the bank where their are some tall reeds and some weeds.
  9. I am not an expert by any stretch... however.

    I throw spinnerbaits a ton. I start early in the year and I keep it up late in the year. I throw a lot of small spinnerbaits starting in the spring. 3/16th oz. or so. With round (colorado or Indiana) style blades that will rotate at slow retrieval speeds. The clearer the water and brighter the day, the lighter color I throw. From white on clear sunny days to white.chartreuse with a little stained water to firetiger under cloudy skies with dirty water. As the temps. warm, I go to a Willow/Indiana blade combo as a "regular" set up. Willow can be cranked quicker, provides more flash less thump than the round blades. The combo just seems to work well as a standard set up for me. I will change to a double willow if the fish are chasing shad/minnows. Thus the double willow looks like fleeing baitfish. I might try some different colors at that time as well to "match the hatch". If they are chasing shad, I might go with a silver or a gold color. If I am in muddy water I might switch back to a double round blade option (colorado or Indiana) even in warmer water to get more thump thump as they spin at a higher rate of speed to give the fish a target in dirty water.

    I also have to add that about a year ago I switched to Leverage Lures Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits almost exclusively. Leverage uses a flexible hook that doesn't allow the fish to make the hook hole larger and get off as easily. They have reduced my lost fish rate a ton. If you have ever stood in a stream up to your waist with a giant smallie dancing all over the place or on the deck of a boat watching a largemouth explode through some cover and jump a mile out of the air, you know what I mean.

  10. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Another you guys add a trailer hooK? I do in Canada for Pike. Also, I've heard that red makes a good trailer hook.
  11. Trailor hooks

    depends on mood of fish and cover you are fishing, short strikes usem fishing weeds dont- fishing wood maybe they are a pain but will increase hook ups
  12. Mepp's and other in-lines for early Spring.

    I'm a walleye guy, but one of my favorite spinners in the spring, like right now, is a large Mepp's spinner. It is, in my unwanted and unneeded opinion, an excellent early Springtime spinner.:hide: Usually use a large one (I think No. 2 or 3) with white bucktail.

    Although it's been years since I've fished for Bass exclusively, I always liked a white spinner, black, chartruese...A guy I used to know made them and I had many different colors back then. The red trailer hook is a good idea.
  13. Trailers to me are almost a necessity... Color may make a difference, but it's the hook that gets the short bites. Usually use a white trailer in almost every combo a red hook is a good idea. Unless the fish are eatin small I always use a trailer (1/8th to 1/4 oz.)