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Sportsman of the Year?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JL, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Hey, guys, I saw something similar posted on another site. I think it would be cool to vote for an Indiana Sportsman of the year. Think about the person you think represented the qualities of a true sportsman during the year 2006. Who, do you think, exhibited the qualities of a true sportsman throughout the year of 2006? I'll exempt myself from this contest (since I started the thread). Just give a reply as to who you think should be the "Indiana Sportsman of the Year" and why. We'll take the top three, and have an additional vote from there. Could a mod please help me from here?
  2. Sounds like a good idea JL, but im pretty sure that everyone will vote for themselves. Can we please refrain from doing that guys?

  3. I think you underestimate the humility of the gentlemen on this forum. I don't think that will be a problem.
  4. My vote goes to Dean Weimer. Dean knows a lot of sportsman, takes the time to reseach each article he writes. Travels thru-out the state on his time and does truely write some great articles for several different magazines.Great job Deano!
  5. I don't see why you should not be included JL. Just because you come up with a good idea is no reason to be exempt.
  6. I agree with Dleslie on that too JL. Just because you copied the idea from another forum, does not mean you should not be able to win. Heck, it sounds like it is just for bragging rights, no reason to exempt yourself.
  7. Scott

    I'm going to have to put a vote in for Scott. I was always interested in QDM, but he provided the resources for me to study it, and told me more about it to get me absolutely crazy about the idea. He has children, a full time job, yet he still finds the time to get on here and study up more on the wonderful sport of hunting. He also finds the time to go measure a lot of bucks after the seasons over and has been nice enough to invite me over several times to gain more experience on hunting.
  8. Since I'm taking the top three, I'll nominate two sportsmen. The first I am nominating is 410. This guy fishes for all different species, hunts everything in the state, and is just a stand-up guy. He gets a vote from me. The second I'll vote for is Scott Werstler. Scott knows more about land management than any member I know. He is a scorer for several clubs. He is a fisherman, and a "sportsman" in the truest sense of the word. He is also a GREAT guy to talk to. These are my votes!
  9. Good post, James

    This is a great idea! I'd say it'll be a very hard call to make based on the the numbers of great guys we have on here.

    Many guys proved their salt during the deer contest, but there's more to being a sportsman than just the harvest/shot or kill....

    Jack and Cary give great information on birds and updates as to what is going on in the state.

    Trdtnlbwhntr has his own specialties and shares his wealth of knowledge.

    James and DEC seem to shine over deer/turkey/fish...what ever the day calls for.

    Hard to knock Brew's buck of the year.

    For pure time in the field, 410 takes the nod.

    I'd give a spirit award to treehugger and many casts did they make after those muskies? Rook had that diehard mojo going all deer season.

    Scarlet and JB drain their efforts to educating and promoting us in various QDM it regulatory, herd management, land use.

    For sharing friendship, knowledge and showing there's more to life and the outdoor experience than just the game we harvest, my vote goes to 410.
  10. I'm not sure what his name is on this website...but I know he checks in every day...
    I don't need to say his name...hes read my posts before so he'll know i'm talking about him.
    I nominate my father-in-law.
    For giving me every single piece of equipment I need to hunt anything.
    For helping me every step of the way, from helping me sight in my bow to driving an hour out of his way to help me field dress my first deer ever.
    For always giving me the prime spots, even if it meant him having to sit in a bad one.
    For being more excited about my deer than any that he shot (except that buck haha).
    For saying things like "Wind must have hit that one" when we both know damn well i jerked the shot...
    For never saying "Thats the dumbest question I've ever heard" when it probably was the dumbest hunting question he's ever heard.
    mostly though I'm nominating him for never treating me like a bumbling rookie...even when i acted like one.
    Even if he doesn't get another vote I'm posting this to thank him. Because I could never do it in person.
    Thank you Gary.
  11. Those are kind words Tile, but I don't want people to vote for me because of the writing gig. I say search deep and vote for someone who really epitomizes a true sportsman. I am honored, Tile, but I can think of several others who would probably be more appropriate. I don't know that I can really narrow down my vote to just one person. I've met many great friends through this site and have some favorites.
    My early nod goes to a close friend of mine......
    Mike Murley "FinsNGrins" is one of my best friends and has passed down his knowledge about mushroom hunting to me many years ago, among other things. Some don't know this, but my brother, Dennis, past away in 1990 in a car accident. He and Mike were extrememly close; since then Mike and I have become very close. Mike is honest and truly knows what it means to be a real human being and a true hunter/fisherman/outdoorsman. Mike accidentally shot a spike buck during muzzlelaoder season thinking it was a doe. Some folks would have turned it in as an antlerless deer, but Mike is a true sportsman and used his buck tag. Then, during late bow, he had a shooter 11-Pointer come up and offer him the perfect bow shot while he was out trying to shoot a doe. Some folks would have shot this buck as well, and used someone else's tag..Not Mike. I could go on and on folks. Mike, you are my boy and you know this.

    I'm also biased towards some folks as well. Most of you know who you are so I won't bore anyone. This is a neat idea though J.L. Good stuff....

    I say everyone should search their heart...the answer will come to you. I know who I'm leaning towards, but I'll have to think this one through.
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  12. I want to say all the members of IS...all of you have been great since I got here, and I really appreciate that. But I guess that is a cop out answer.

    Even though he has disqualified himself, I am still going to nominate James Lyon. From day one he has made me feel welcome, and answered any questions I have had about everything. I haven't been here for all of 2006, but from what I can tell, James is everything that an outdoorsman is supposed to be, his starting this thread is just more proof of that.

    I would also like to nominate Scott Werstler. After asking a couple questions on this site, Scott offered to help me with what I was trying to achieve, without knowing me from Adam, he took the iniative to help me. People like that are hard to find, most of the ones I know, are located on this site.

    Thank you James, Scott, and all the other members of IS that make this site what it is. I am about the only hunter in my family, so to have a group of people to talk to, discuss ideas with, and learn from, is priceless to me. You all deserve a nomination. You too Dean...really...

    I almost forgot...
    STEVE...for maintaining this site for all of us, you too deserve to nominated. None of this would be here otherwise, and your work provides us the oppurtunity for fellowship that we all enjoy so much. Thank you for all you do.
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  13. I would be hard pressed to nominate just one or two..........or even three. So many of us touch each other here in ways that words cannot describe, and bonds are being formed daily here that will stand the test of time.

    My hope for a thread like this is that it doesn't become a "winners circle"......but a circle of men that take some time to type out what they truely appreciate about each my book, that is what it's all about.

    I'll hack out a few comments here to these good men..........

    ** just are an inspiration. Your energy is flat out in the right directions. May you never grow old with your passion for what you do.

    **Scott Werstler........some men are born with integrity and live it are definitely one of them. Proud to know you and the stance and time you take for doing things the right way. Hold tight to those values.

    **JL..........your open book of thoughts never ceases to amaze me......just like you to start a thread like this......and that's a good thing.:coolgleam You're quest to even teach us here on this forum is refreshing......don't stray far from your teaching and role-model abilities.........they are welcome in many areas......I appreciate them dearly.

    **Quail.........your ability to keep us all focused on the side of life that includes kids, humor, and dedication to a goal no matter how many years it may take......absolutely refreshing. I would have to include DEC and Tree in this too. Kids are everything..........thanks for reminding us of that.

    **410.........I want to be just as active as you when I'm your are my goal. Love your open book approach to life.

    **Mainbeam and Smokey Z...........not only Forum Members......but neighbors. Just good to have great people not too far away.

    **JB..........the miles you have walked for us is just.......well, beyond thanks. There is about 6,000,000 acres of trophy hunting in heaven waiting for me........I've already arranged a lease with WILL be allowed to hunt for all your efforts.:cool: Look forward to meeting you someday.

    **The rest of you.........priceless. I could type more.........those just happened to strike my heart right now as I sit here. I still hold dear the men I had over after a meal in Webster one night........was just refreshing to see good men having a good time. That one meant all know who you are.:coolgleam

    OK........that's my .02 cents on this thread.

    Headed to the woods tomorrow in the rain to trim stands for next season.............and for those that know me well..........they know I ain't kiddin'. :coolgleam
  14. Im gonna go with DEC... always has friends with him hunts for and with his family and loves to involve his kids and pass on the heritage... ITs gotta be DEC... Nothing against anyone else but i think he has done the best job of representing what hunting is supposed to be.