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Spring 2005 - Two buddies, two days, two birds...

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Indianahunter, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Pictures tell the story!!

    Mt hunting buddy Tim Steadman took this bird opening day! Tim took his bird with a classis decoy set up. This big Tom could not resist busting in on the Jake in a full strut. Tim made him pay for that mistake.


    I took mine, with Tim's help on day two... Mine however was a different story. Tim and I took off from camp right at daybreak and spot-called our way into an area we call the “back 40”. About 2/3's of the way there we hooked up on a Tom that was interested in our calls and closed the distance quickly. We moved into position and I got setup in the branches of a large deadfall and waited for him to show. Tim continued to call from behind me and to the right so bird #1 would pass by and present me with an easy left-handed shot. But before the bird we were hunting could show himself, a second bird gobbled and moved in to my left...

    This is where the story gets good!

    My setup on bird #1 was so I could get a shot from the right side of this deadfall. Being left handed any shot from the left side of the area was impossible. So guess where bird # 2 came in from? Yep, right up the trunk of that big old tree just left of center so I had no chance at a shot without being detected. With his head down and tail up at about 10’ working through the branches of my makeshift blind I moved to get shot right handed…To all you right handed people, try shouldering your gun to your left shoulder, remove the safety and aim.

    Well he busted me and took of running to my left and back over my shoulder. I was able to stand, turn on him while shouldering my gun, figure out which one of my eyes to use to take aim, remove the safety and fire. 32 paces away lay my first turkey… Right-handed head shot at 30 yards…..

    That was my first bird!!! That’s why the great big smile


    For my success that day I was allowed to wear the coveted “strand of spurs” for the day!

    Picture to follow!!!
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  2. congrats inhunter nice bird funny how things work out

  3. Congrats Indianahunter...nice couple of birds there. Fantastic story and a great way to take your first bird! I'll bet you were getting "Tom Fever" weren't you? I'm looking forward to April now for a longbeard. It'll be my 3rd season huntin' them, I don't have one yet but hopin' this is the year.
  4. Any buddy looking for a new turkey gun? My dad purchased a Winchester 1300 I believe ill try to put a link or picture up.. He thought it might turn into a Turkey/Deer gun but has recently found out the effectiveness of muzzleloaders (I took him muzzleloader hunting for the first time this year, needless to say he doesnt want to shoot those old hammering slug guns anymore.). I would say less than 25 shells through this gun everything is in perfect working order. It has the pump assist on it and the winchester patented rotary bolt. Here is the website to check it out..... We are looking for 350.00 solid. If any of you turkey hunters are looking to expand your arsenal. Send me an email or leave a note on this thread. The gun is something like 475 new at Gander Mountain. I would split the cost for shipping if you are interested in buying it.
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