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Spring 2007 Mushroom reports

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by goggleye57, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Found 8 this morning, small yellows

  2. Lafayette

    Looked for two hours near Lafayette today. Nothing up yet.
  3. Found 24 whites and yelows.....all dried up.
  4. went yesterday for a couple hrs. found nothing.
  5. found some

    Went to proven hunting area in Sullivan county and found 12 blacks, 1 grey, 2 half morels and 3 yellows. They are just starting to come in good. I'd give it until the weekend and they should be thick.
  6. went at break time this morning and found 3 nice yellow's going back at lunch. their up good here. my buddy found 85 yesterday.
  7. I found 4 more today total this season 12
  8. Looked around a little here in Howard county, at a few of my favorite spots and found none so far...
  9. Looked for about 45 min around Battle Ground (just north of Lafayette). None yet. They had better hurry, or I won't be able to find them for the green stuff!
  10. I went for about 1.5 hours in Allen County yesterday... first time ever hunting. The mayapples have started popping up, but I couldn't find any mushrooms.
  11. I kicked around a hot spot tonight and didn't find the first one. I think this rain we're supposed to get will get them going here in the north. Lookin' forward to some good eats.
  12. Dinked around here a bit tonight looking too. Little dry out.
  13. found 83 yesterday and 5 more today in Daviess Co. Many of them were dried out. It's looking like its about done down there. i'll have to start looking a little more close to home now.
  14. found 35 blacks and grays in franklin county. should be real good there this coming weekend.
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