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Spring ice-out methods?

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What's your favorite way to fish for bluegills and crappies just after the ice goes out. What kind of areas and tactics, lures?
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I usually hit the small shallow coves that have the wind blowing into them as they warm much faster. I mostly use a 1/32 oz hair jig tipped with a piece of crawler or wax worm, about 1' to 3' with a bobber. The waves give the hair jig enough action to attract the crappie.

Also have a lot of success using a small beetle spin & jig & grub body, using a very slow steady retrieve. Yellow seems to work best.

If the crappie have not moved into the coves yet, I usually chase the walleye.

As far as bluegills go, I don't chase them until warm weather. Since I rarely keep any catch, The bluegill spawn is of no interest to me.

This time of year fishing the coves, I hardly ever find the crappie relating to structure. I mostly find them suspending out in the middle of the coves until around late March early may. Depending on the weather & water temps.

Keep in mind, I'm talking east central Indiana. Location also plays a big part in how and where to chase crappie.
that would be in reservoirs? I'm sure it wouldn't be much different in our lakes. I often fish for bluegills in the Spring with a sinking wet fly. An ant or wooly worm kind of fly. A lot of guys around here fish for crappies in the spring with flies as well often white or pink streamers. But your warm cove practice is good advice:coolgleam
Yes, I was talking about reservoirs around here. Around 2 or 3 weeks later, I have gone up to northern IN (around warsaw area ) and fished some natural lakes using the same method, with the same results. I like using crickets if they can be found this time of the year. I'm not much of a fly man. I did purchase a fly-fishing rig, and plan to give it a try this year.
Try out that fly fishing its a lot of fun! Big bluegills and crappies are a blast:)

When you fly fish just don't work too hard at. Just relax and go with the flow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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