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Spring into Archery Season.....

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Dean Weimer, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. A little over 5 months until archery season begins. I know Turkey starts tomorrow, but deer season cometh...What is everyone doing to prepare for deer season right now??

    John and I are going to plant a new Imperial foodplot this coming weekend. Anyone else putting in any plots??
  2. I'll be adding a new sight and new rest on my bow within the next few weeks here, then doing a good deal of target shooting in the back yard on the ground and from a ladderstand.

    Then there's the nightly lighting of the candle on the antler alter!!!

  3. I am on the lookout for Mathews enthusiast who is updating to the latest and needs to find a home (and a better deal that what would be achieved through trade in) for a year old Switchback or maybe another Mathews bow. My FeatherMax has been fabulous, but its time to upgrade
  4. I am currently spending time with the wife I can hunt my ass off in October. Of course we have that little side season known as spring fever!!

    Good Luck all you turkey hunters.... really should try Turkey Hunting. You should at least know what they look like. You see one in the mirror every morning!!:cheeky-sm
  5. If you want to upgrade you need to get a HOYT!!:tongue:

  6. Talkin' Turkey...

    Yes, Hoyt, I do see a dominant "Boss Tom" every morning when I look in the mirror. But, this Tom is shaved...Thank You!! No 8 inch beard here, man. I also know what a beardless Jake like yourself looks like....
    I do agree on the part about the Hoyt bow, however.
    Hey, I know what turkey looks like, O.K.?? That is the off white looking stuff between the mashed taters and gravy, and the broccoli casserole, underneath the raspberry cheese cake...isn't it?? MMMMmmmmmmm!!! I could Gobble, Gobble up some Turkey and fixins as we speak.

    I'll be "strutting" my stuff at a town near you...Very Soon!!!!! Until then, you all can get the flock out of here.........:hide: !!!!
  7. I am in the middle of planting 4 acres of food plots, but may have to put the project on hold. Just got news last Monday that our company is closing its doors in June. While I love and want to plant and play, it may have to take a back seat until I land on my feet.
  8. I am trading my expert habitat improvement knowledge with a guy named John for hunting rights on a nice 160 plus acre farm. He is 90% convinced to cut out the previous joker that has been hunting it. Should be easy now that the guy is working in Crawfordsville.
  9. Absolutely nothing...other than the occasional scouting trips to check for travel signs...trying not to talk about it too much around my wife since she is still tired of hearing about last deer season :biggrin: ...they just don't understand. Will get the bow out around June and start shooting on a semi-regular basis. Hopefully will go to some bow shoots between now and archery season.
  10. I have two new stands sitting in the garage. Sometime around Aug, will have to get out and set them up. I already know where I'll be putting them:biggrin: !!!
  11. This means WAR...Scooter!!!!!! Big John is MINE...MINE.....!!!

    ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. You meant to say if I want to settle for what's good enough, you need to get a Hoyt!! Right? :cheeky-sm
  13. That's right...if you want the best, you'll buy a PSE!
  14. when you boys get tired of playing with toys you will own a switchback,i honestly think when you can shoot 10 out of 10 in the ten ring from all yardages you my friends have found the right bow know matter who makes it!!!!!
  15. Then I've found the right bow!