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Spring is here!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Spring is here, you can feel it in the air. My daughter came home from school Friday and announced she signed up for the golf team (my dreams have come true). It's off to the dome for some practice today. I feel like Earl Woods!!!! QuailWoods, nice ring to it.

  2. Nice quail...hope she does well...
  3. Slow down Quail, No pressure on her i see.
  4. I played golf in middle school, and am going to in high school also. My brother is crazy though. He plays all the time, he actually just headed out a half an hour ago to pages crossing to hit some balls in their outdoor range!
  5. Maybe she can have a career like Natalie Gulbis!!!


  6. Well I guess I will be needing a new fishing partner now that Quail will be on the golf course this summer.
  7. I think if you asked the guys who know me here, they'd have a hard time seeing me put pressure on anyone. Golf is a game my family has enjoyed for a long while. I encourage my kids to play and enjoy the game, but I don't pressure them to do so. When it comes to golf workouts, I make up games to play with the kids, an approach I've also used training bird dogs. Make it fun while they learn, and you have to be the one who says it's time to stop, they'll want to keep going.
  8. Don't write me off yet, Tuck....I think fishing is cheaper than golf!!! We have 'eyes to boat and muskies to land!
  9. Fishing IS cheaper than golf!!!!!! And not nearly as frustrating.

  10. congrats quail, and good luck to your daughter.

    jackc99 I demand more pics of natalie gulbis
  11. Um, I don't know what to say about that right there.
  12. Great to hear Quail.........hope she does well.