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Spring is here !!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by bigling97, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Saw the first flock of Whooping(sand hill cranes) about 10 minutes ago. circling aroung the house for a few minutes and then, poof gone in 20 seconds. Nice to see them again.
  2. the sandhill cranes were passing through southern indiana (dubois county) about two weeks ago...saw several tom's strutting yesterday...supposed to be close to 70 degrees today...yep spring mushrooms yet...

  3. I saw some sand hills yesterday as well.

    Spring is almost here boys.:coolgleam
  4. Apparently alot of their (s.h. cranes) breeding grounds have been destroyed and they have decided to come to Bartolomew Co. I would guess over 100,000 are spending their time with us right now and the Newspaper said there are more to come.

    I thought I heard a bunch of Turkeys flying overhead just a purrin' away....
  5. The cranes have been hot and heavy over Tippecanoe Co. for he past couple of days. I really enjoy seeing them, and agree that they are what makes me sure spring is coming. I really like to travel to JP FWA in the fall to see the congregation there. It is one of those Wild Kingdom type moments. We take the Cub Scouts up each October. They eat it up.
  6. Saw those sandhills by the thousands by accident this time probably 12 years ago. Watched them migrate from the fire tower at Deam in Monroe Co. Was just taking a day hike with a bud from IU along Hickory Ridge and starting seeing them. I've seen a few on the ground here recently. They are a cool bird. It is funny how many people think that they are snow geese. Been seeing them in the air for the last few weeks, all over. I would like to take the family to JP sometime to see them.
  7. Red winged black birds are back here now....
  8. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    That's always been my key to spring being here.
  9. I saw a robin taking a bath in a pool of melting snow....
    Brave little gal, couldn't wait one minute longer... Had to bathe in that cold water...
  10. The red winged black birds are my ticket to when spring is back. I love their songs in the mornings. The only song I like better is a big ole tom turkey gobblin on the roost. Hello spring..
  11. I saw a flock of about 30 sandhills flying over my house yesterday.

    Also, yesterday morning before heading out to church, I checked one of my turkey hot spots. I had a corn field that had probably 1000 geese in it, 20 - 30 deer, and around 20 turkeys. Gobblers were out strutting.:coolgleam
  12. Sandhills have been flying around me for the past week or so now I would guess. Saw this group Saturday while I was scouting around. Pigeon, You recognize those fields?:evil:
  13. This past weelkend Tree, Tilesetter and myself were at the Clinton Isaac Walton and a flock of sandhills flew over. The Robins have also been out and I even saw some seagulls at one of the local lakes a couple of weeks ago. Toms are struttin and the ice is almost's almost 70 degrees here right now and the spring fever has set in.
  14. Yeah buddy thefever is hittin us all. I just walked off of the ice w/just long sleeves on! Seen quite few of those annoying red-winged blackbirds:mad: !!!!
  15. Don't forget that the Indiana State Basketball Tourney is coming....

    We'll probably get another foot of snow before Mr Basketball is crowned.