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Spring turkey

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by chigger1, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. ok i know winter is here but who is ready for spring turkey season?
    I know im ready Apirl cant get here soon enough. There is nothing better than hearing a big ol tom gobbling.
  2. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    I actually hunted for the first time for turkey and the first time in 13 years this past spring and LOVED it. My kids are getting old enough to start going and I promised them if they wanted to go I'd take them. I didn't get ol' tom, but it is great. I will take my first vacation days 4/26 - 5/16. I can't wait.


  3. im taking my vacation in turkey seasion also. cant wait. i gained new grounds to turkey hunt this seasion.
  4. I'm ready mentally, but haven't started preparations yet. My wife hasn't gotten over being a deer season widow yet, so to avoid sleeping on the couch I'll not be mentioning turkey season until closer to April. ;)
  5. gobblers on the brain!!

    yes i am wanting turkey season real bad. i love turkey hunting. i'm going to try this yr. for the 1st time with a bow. any tips you all can give me would be appreciated. i have no doubt i can get some in but what type of braodhead ? i've seen the gobbler gillientine but going to do a little more research. any help with bradheads?
  6. I have heard that you should take a normal small rubber band wrap around the shaft just short of where your arrow meets the rest at full draw. This way when you do shoot a turkey the rubber band doesnt allow the arrow to blow through the bird. That way it cant fly away after being hit and it can run nearly as fast. Leaving you with a little more air in your lungs to carry him out on. I have never shot one with a bow. The gobbler guilitine looks cool but what happens if you hit them at the base of the neck or worse yet center hit one? Bad shots happen so i think i would stray away from them.
  7. thanks!!

    thanks trdnl bowhunter. i use a wisker bisquit do you think that the rubber ban would effect the arrow flight? what about some of the other expandables? i use muzzy's for deer hunting but some how they don't seem right for turkey's though i may be wrong.
  8. 2006 spring season

    Does anyone know when the 2006 spring Turkey season starts? The DNR website is not updated for all of 2006.
  9. Thanks Treehugger, I have to fill my vacation schedule out 2006 !!
  10. Wow, Treehugger...I just checked out your 12 pointer pic...that's a monster. Score?
  11. no prob...don't you just love those muzzy's for deer...nothin' like 'em. they make a hole bigger than a slug. i'm still new to the turkey thing, this will be my 3rd spring huntin' 'em. no kills yet, hopin' this is the year. may try the bow a little this year on 'em. good luck!
  12. JL...The green score is 182 gross, 169 4/8 net NT, 20" inside spread. It will be officially scored around Jan. 24th.
  13. I'm ready. I have also been considering archery this year. It's just going to depend on how well I can shoot when season rolls around. I planned on using 85 grain thunderheards with my dull practice blades installed.
  14. Does anybody else think the season is coming in ridiculously late? I was scouting last year in early April and the birds were doing a lot more gobbling than when the season came in. I wish they would back it up. I feel as if most of the birds are done breeding by the time we get to hunt them. I know turkeys are different from deer, but still I'd like to see it come in earlier.