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Squirrel Season

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by 410, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. WOW squirrel season is right around the corner. How many of the gang is going on the first day? For 12 years my grandson and I will be out on the first day. I let him do the shooting and he uses a 22. What gun will you be using?
  2. Every year there are 8 of us that hook up on opening morning & hit several woods around the woodburn area , its always a Blast :) !! That is really cool 410 taking your grandson :coolgleam !Hpoe ya do well ! This is when the best part of the year begins :bouncy: !!! Come on Labor day , i want my fishin spots back from all the pleasure boaters & jet skiers :rant: , its called BACK TO SCHOOL :woohoo1: :woohoo1: :woohoo1: Sorry JL party s over , back to reality with the rest of us working stiffs :cwm27: !!!!

  3. :yeahthat: back to work JL
  4. My kids and I are going to be out there, I'm taking the 15th as a floating holiday. I'll be doing the same on Sept 1st for dove.
  5. All good things must come to an end...:( . I will be going out on the 17th after some bushytails with the old Marlin .22. I'll be gone on my LAST vacation on the fifteenth...
  6. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    i think i will use my 12 ga. and put some maxi deet on. if you want to get some go to and get some no skeeter going to carry me off on the season opener.
  7. i'll be using the .22, my dad will be using the .410. did ya'll get any last year. we didn't do too well because of the drought.
  8. I'll hunt the first day of Squirrel Season, in the woods behind my home. Will use my CZ M-452 .22 LR. With the low amount of Hickory Nuts, this year, I've seen very few Squirrels. But things can change later in the season.:)
  10. If You Want A Fun Trip Load Up The Conoe Head To The Nearest River , Take A Kid With You, Pack A Tent, Squirrel Hunt As Your Floating Down The River Be Quiet And You Will See Lots Of The Little Tree Rats, Better Take A Shotgun Lots Of Moving Shots , When Its Hot Like This The Squirrels Will Move Along The Water All Day Long , Dad Used To Take Us Every Year When We Were Young Still Remember Those Trips To This Day , Floating Down A Quiet River Is So Peacefull And You Get Action All Day, The Best Thing About It Is The Squirrels Arent The Only Thing You Get Close To If You Know What I Mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. F&G what is the restrictions on doing that? I have a place on the Tippy upstream of Buffalo can you tell me anything about it?

  12. No Restrictions That I Know Of, Might Have To Use Steel Shot Because Of The Water Been Many Years Since We Did That , But I Can Tell You Its A Very Productive Way To Squirrel Hunt , We Used To Find A High Point Of Land And Camp On The Shoreline Never Got Bothered By Anybody In All The Years We Did It, As A Young Boy I Had Many Fine Memorys From Those Two Day Trip We Use To Go From Howe, In. And Get Out In White Pigeon Mich. Only In Mich For The Last 3 Or4 Hours. Caught Alot Of Smallmouth Bass Also, Skeets Werent That Bad But Deer Flies Were Bad Sometimes Take Good Spray, If Your Quiet No Problem Shooting A Limit Of Tree Rats , Lots Of Fun Seeing Deer, Beaver And Lots Of Animals Drinking Specially When Its Hot !!!!!
  13. F&G My buddy and I have a bet (lots of $) NOT! To see if squirells float or sink after killed. Tell me, in your experience what they do? Please.

    Thanks again.
  14. Why do I see this on Letterman's "Will it Float" next week?
  15. I'm saying they float, but I don't know for sure...