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St Joe 8/4

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Floated the river for couple hours yesterday. Caught lots of smallies and 2 short walleye. Had a blast. Covered about 2 miles of river. Best 2 was a 15" and 17" :bowdown: SR-5's


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  2. Looks like you guys had a few too many...and I don't mean fish!

  3. Got a tourney next weekend, launchung by the Hummer plant. Hows the fishing up from the damm? what color sr5's are you boys using this time of year?
  4. James I think you are right, they do look like they may have one or two to many, but pigeon nice fish
  5. Whats the tourney and how can I get in?????
  6. Hey Pigeon, the poor fella asked what color lures......????? A little help for a friend?

    Man, stingy........:cwm27:
  7. Its a club tourney for Tracker Bass Club the tourney costs 60.00 plus you would have to join the club which is another 75.00. The payout is baased on turnout so if you win you might make a few dollars but our payouts are not huge. its 80% at the ramp and set up to pay 1 in 4 places. The other 20% goes toward paying for part of our yearend classic tourney. Its a nice club our tourneys are a bit far away for you but then again if you don't mind traveling we stay within 90 miles of The Ill& In. border. Great bunch of guys without the attitude of some of the glass guys.
  8. P.S. GIVE EM HELL DEAN!!!:bowdown:
  9. :banghead3 SR-5's in shad or silver
  10. Thanks Brother. I appreciate it. Ask the master a question and the master gives an answer. Are you thinkg about coming out? Would like to meet ya.
  11. If it was a open tourney, I would be there. But a little late for me to be joining now. Last tourney we fished on that stretch was our Wed nighter. We took 3rd out of 19 boats. Caught 12 keepers that evening. This Wed is out of Merrifield park. $25 entry,, come on out.. What time is weigh-in this weekend? I might have to stop by for that.:fish: :fish: :fish2: :fish: :fish:
  12. It should be at about 1:30 or so the weightin is at Pritchert park. Right by the Hummer plant. Like to see ya there. We have an open on Lake Michigan on Sept.10th. If your interested.
  13. Lets hear a report. How did it go???
  14. Horrible! There must have been three othe tourneys on the river Between Sat and Sunday. I can't believe how beatup everything was. I love that river but there is too much pressure on it and the DNR needs to stop issueing multiple permits for tourneys on the same weekend. We ended up with three keepers that was good enought for 8th place. If it was a rockbass tourney we would have won!