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St Joe Geese

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Hunted the river this morning. Man if we could still shoot ducks. Saw alot of different ducks today. I dont usually get into anything but mallards and woodies, but saw alot of others today. Geese only in the north zone. We managed to pull 2 flocks down. 3 guys and we floated 4 geese. My buddies cant seem to pick out just 1 at a time. I floated my 2 on the first flock and they just kept on shooting. We had 6 different flocks work us but just couldnt get them to finish. 1 flock circled us 4 times before finally giving up. Was out of breath on the caller. Found a nice gravel bar and set the BIGFOOTS and floaters together. Was awesome looking spread. Probably my last hunt till next year. :(
    pic of the spread in the gallery

    Cant wait for the soft shells to come in again. Can anyone say smallmouth?
  2. Are the geese getting smarter after a whole season of getting blasted at? Great report! :) I used to hunt ducks and geese quite a bit - I guess I need to dust off the decoys and get back into it. My brothers are trying to talk me into a trip this spring to hunt snow geese. Sounds like a blast!