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St Joe river 04/28

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Another decent night down the river. Floated about 5 miles. Caught around 30 smallies. Nothing big, 2 14"s and 1 15", and a 16" walleye...Lots of baby steelhead, they just put them in. And about 10 rock bass. Nothing big, but was a nice evening float down the river. Not too bad for still being April.. I love that river!!!!!!!!!!!!:bash:
  2. Sounds like a great time on the Joe.

  3. Sound like you had a great time. The only thing that would have been better is I WISH I WAS THERE TOO
  4. I grew up just two blocks from the St Joe River up in South Bend and fished it many, many times when I was a kid. My best Smallmouth fishing was between Pinhook Park and the first or second boat ramp up in Michigan. My favorite technique was to cast a Crawdad colored crankbait up in the logs, retrieve, and when it hit a log, stop and let it rise and that was when I got my strikes. I always liked fishing the shady side of the river. Over the years I caught (3) smallies over five pounds up there.
  5. That is where I am fishing. I put in at Darden Rd. ramp and run to the Century Center Dam. Then float back. I have only caught 1 that went 5 lbs. Right behind Pinhook Park behind the island. I usually get a few each year that go 4 lbs. Lots of 3 lbs.:bonk:
  6. Those are some nice smallies for a river. I fish by the Hummer plant in Mishawaka. How far is that from where you guys go fishing at? Am I fishing a good part of the river? I usually go up river about three or four bridges but I have never caught any over 2 lbs.
  7. The stretch is on the northwest side of South Bend. There is 3 ramps for access. I use the ramp just north of the toll road for now right before Darden Rd.. There is another at the county canoe launch just south of Pinhook Park. But the water is shallow in front of the ramp. You have to back in a ways out. When the water is warm in the summer, its no problem getting your feet wet. Also at this ramp you have to load sideways against the current. The ramp by the tollroad goes with the current and is easier to load and unload.The 3rd ramp is in St Patricks park north of Auten Rd. This is a very shallow stretch of the river. Not recomended for bass boats. There is lots of big rocks and shallow runs. If you put in at the the Darden Rd ramp, go downtstream 100 yards and look at the size of the rock under that bridge. It is never out of the water, but you can see it. About the size of a car. Will eat all boats that hit it. Just be carefull till you know where to run. I fish this stretch all summer. If you put in at St Patricks most of the river down that far is deep enough, and wont have any problems.

    I would not say the hummer plant area is bad, but there is 75 times more fishing presure up that way. Myself, I have much better success on the Darden Rd stretch. And you will only see a fraction of the boats, if any at all.
  8. I remember the area well around the island by Pinhook, but is sure has changed since I used to fish there as a kid. Probably (30) years ago (man I'm getting old):mad: . Your right about the boulders, pretty nasty river to be navigating with a boat through there. I always wonder how the salmon and steehead are doing spawning on all of the gravel bars through there. Maybe the bars are not even there any more, but I have always wanted to go back there and fly fish for trout/salmon.