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St Joe River 6/4

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Took my better half for a evening float. Caught 2 nice walleyes,16 and 17", and plenty of smallies. Biggest smallies were 14 and 15". Did catch another tagged fish tonight. #3460. Dont think I have caught him before. And the highlight of the trip was a 3' gar. Man them boogers can fight. They just dont like to give your bait back without a challenge. Of course shad raps did the deed.:cheeky-sm
  2. #3460,, got an email back today about him. Was tagged on 06/01/05. Measured 10.3"....Yesterday,,,1 year later he was 12.6"

  3. Cool stuff, Pigeon.
  4. What kind of fish was it Pigeon?
  5. smallie:biggrin:
  6. Ah yes, I remember good old #3460 when he was just a glimmer in his Papa's eye.
  7. pigeon do you call someone and report the tag?
  8. the more i hear about the st. joe the more i want to go there. my smallie experience is limited to just wading small creeks but i love to fish for them. is this a big river system? what is the current like? how far from say bloomington? where would be the best place to start if i went there?
  9. The tags are for some kind of water quality study done through The City Of Elkhart. They do a few diferent stretches of the river. On the tag it has a phone number to call. After a couple calls last year, I got the guys Email, so now I just send the # in email. He sends me one back with the info on the fish. No prizes or anything like that. Just voluntary reports. I think its fun to know when and where they were before.:bowdown: :fish2:
  10. Thats a lot of questions for 1 time, but I'll give it a shot. The river is about medium size. Current flow is strong where I go from the dam in South Bend to about 5 miles downstream to 80/90 Toll Road. Not sure on how far from Bloomington, but I am in South Bend. Right under the bottom of East side of Lake Michigan. Best place for me is this stretch, but there is good fishing the everywhere in this river.:bowdown: :fish2: