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St Joe river smallies

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. St Joe has been hot last 3 weeks Been catching around 30 every trip Using 2 " shad raps and fishing softshells in the holes Went today for about 3 hours was all I could take in the heat from about 11 till 2 Caught about 30 between 2 of us Lots between 12 and 14 inches few 15's and 2 that went 16 1/2 inches was a good day again
  2. That sounds great to me. Way to go. Gotta love catchin smallies, nothin fights harder pound for pound. You catchin your own crawdads or buyin em?

  3. Unfortunetly buying them...:( But its well worth it Get a 14" on in the current and he feels like a 19" And with the soft shells we just anchor above the holes and fish on the bottom Its 1 after another Even in the heat today
  4. i know a good spot over here in orland to trap them. even get some big blues sometimes.If you ever come this way let me know and i could have you a bucket full.
  5. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Pigeon Flier,

    Do you ever use the Rebel Crawdad Crankbaits (wee R's)? I've got them in all different sizes, colors....they catch about anything.
  6. Wee craws --Deep craws-- Shad Raps I have a box full of all of them All colors They work great Have had great luck with the green and brown craws But if you want to catch big ones consistently LIVE BAIT cant be beat Atleast on this stretch Someday I will learn to jig with minnows Alot cheaper
  7. I have a close friend who fishes the St. Joseph River a lot. He goes by Indiana Jack. Jack is always telling me how much he loves that river fishing. Glad you had good days on the water.

    ccavacini, I fished the Maumee River for years growing up. Loved that Rebel wee crawfish. It caught just about everything. I'm not sure if you had problems losing fish with yours or not. I replaced the #14 with a # 12 treble on the back. With the larger hook, I lost less fish. I could be mistaken on the sizes. It could have been going from a #12 to #10 on it. Either way, it was one size up from the size that was on the crankbait. I really think it made a difference in the number of fish caught, rather than lost.
  8. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I crimp all my barbs anyway..have taken too many treble hooks out of guys (and my) fingers...but never seem to lose fish if I keep a tight line....I do know this, the small wee's have the sharpest hooks I've ever got in my fingers.

    The only problem with the deep wee's is sometimes they don't track very well..I like to troll them and am constantly twisting the screw to get them to run straight.
  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    ccavacini, I fished the Maumee River for years growing up.

    When I first saw that, I thought you were talking about the Maumee in Ft. Wayne.....:yikes: The only thing you can drag out of that with the Rebel is a dead body.
  10. Cary, I'm down at the exit end. :) Right near the mouth of Lake Erie. Known for it's great walleye runs in the spring. Bodies? We have plenty of them in our end too.:yikes: Seems like every Spring 2 or 3 anglers drown in there, and they don't find the bodies for a while. That's not including the murders that are dumped in there. We have had some interesting things come out of the river.

    Couple years ago, a boyscout group found a 3 foot long alligator swimming around down there. Someone must have had a pet that got too big for the home. Some time ago, the Toledo Zoo had a seal escape. Took them a while to catch it in the river.

    I should consider bending the barbs down on my trebles too. Especially after last week.:help: Reason I changed out the smaller hook for a larger one. Didn't lose the small fish, but I lost the bigger ones. Couldn't get a good hook in them.
    Tight lines:)
  11. Better. I really don't put much pressure on it. Most of the weight is on the other digits, and balls of my feet. So it hasn't bothered me at all. Short little story here. 2nd day after it happened. I took my daughter down to the beach swimming. We had a good time in the water, and I had it covered pretty good to keep infection out. We'll later that night, I notice that I have some sand around the wrap. Take the wrap off, and it appears to be a grain of sand in the wound. However, I really can't tell, because I'm no yoga expert at getting my foot at the right angle to see. So my wife starts scraping at it with her fingernail. Finally gets the dark piece between two of her nails, and gives it a pull. I about went through the roof!:yikes: :yikes: It must have been a nerve ending there. It wasn't sand after all. Put some antiboitic on it, and covered it back up. I won't be pulling on anything in there again.
  12. ouch!
    I kinda did the samething a couple of months ago. I cut off a couple of fingers at the end of march.After i got the stitches out and they were healing, i got out of the shower and some of the scab was gone, i noticed a little bit left in one spot and figured i would just pull it off. I grabed on and pulled and it hurt verybad and didnt come off it just got longer and the next thing i knew there was blood drippign out of the end of my nub. when i went back to the doc the next week he told me that was the end of one of my nerves. So be carefull what you pull.

    If i ever get my fish pics developed you might see what they look like cause i think you can see them in one of the pics.
  13. i go to blue grass island every year fer them there eyes broke my record for eye's brought home this year 68 of them the smallest was 20 in l even got one taged from st. clair ;) fish on :fish: :fish:
  14. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    You guys are a hoot.....sounds like a conversation on the third floor of the Lutheran Hospital....Kevin, how did you cut your fingers off?