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St joe river

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Started today about 1 pm. Went to my old faithfull smallie hole with minnows. Couldnt get a sniff. Watched the steelhead guys across the river from me bangin away on them. Got bored after 2 hours of minnow fishin with only 1 hit. Pulled up the anchor and started drifting and casting with shadraps. Bang,,it was on!!! Caught about 20 smallies and 1 17" largemouth. Biggest LM I have caught out of the river there. Dont usually get LM in the river here and he was the highlight of my day. Felt good to be out in the river again. I was not expecting to be a good day, water is still alittle cold, but turned out to be a good 1. Caught 3 14" walleye also..1 MORE INCH WOULD BE GOOD

    I love those shadraps SR-5's:bonk:

    And another bonus was I only used 1 sr-5 the whole day:evilsmile
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  2. Also, I was walleye fishing, just kept catching those dang smallies by mistake:banghead3

  3. What part of the St. Joe do you fish? I usually launch by the Hummer plant. We catch most of ours up three or four bridges from there are we close to the same area?
  4. For smallmouth fishing, its hard to beat the Darden Rd. stretch. I put in at that ramp and make the run all the way upto the Century Center in downtown South Bend. I like the fast water of that stretch. :bouncy:
  5. Pigeon sounds like a great fishing day.