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St Joe

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, May 28, 2007.

  1. Had some nice weather finally yesterday evening. About time. Took a couple hour trip down the river. We had 6 total that were legal,, here was the best.

  2. Nice smallie Pigeon, look like a pretty day and the water looks great

  3. Good job, Pigeon. What'd they hit?

  4. Chicken livers;) ;) ;)
  5. Went alone today,, so the pics are no good. My neighbor was gonna freak out if I didnt bring her some fish,, so I did this time. smallies were 12 and 15",,,,,,,,eyes were 15 and 18";) ;) ;)

  6. How do you keep them from falling off the SR5's?
  7. Good eats right there, Pigeon!
  8. All I Can Say Pigeon Is Nice Real Nice
  9. I guess everyone knows about those SR-5's but only I know the color.. thats right there is a super secret color that only Pigeon and I know that works out there. And we ( at least I'm not tellin'):Modified_
  10. Nice fish Pig....glad to some some cerveza made it on board too! ;)