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St. Patties Day

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by cjones46, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. We met at "The Stallagio" (I guess Stall-capulco was taken)
    Frank "Fuzzy Muzzy" Sears
    Craig "I don't have a cool nickname" Jones
    Derek "DEC" I dont know his last name
    Jon "THE STALLION!!!!!!" Stallman
    fuzzy spilled beer all over THE STALLION!!!!'S floor
    but he gave me a turkey call so it's alright
    We went to Houlihan's for about 2 beers. During this time THE STALLION!!!! was approached by every attractive 30+ year old woman in the Tri-State area. We got Derek in a bad way because we wouldn't let him leave and momma bear was callin...
    Hunting stories were exchanged...Stallman was referred to as THE STALLION about 34 times I had to the opportunity to hang out with 3 great guys. It was great seeing you guys. I can't wait for the husband and wife IS get together at THE STALLAGIO!!! this summer. I'll bring the crystal lite...
    fuzzy and THE STALLION!!!

    Fuzzy, THE STALLION!!!!, Me, Derek...if you see these four
    Good times guys...good times
  2. Ah fun times ...:coolgleam

    I had dreams of knee high argyle socks, mini skirts, and tall leather C.F.M. boots ... oh my.:hide:

  3. Scary lookin' bunch of fellers there...looks like a blast!
  4. That group has TROUBLE written all over it...I wanna' join!!!
  5. I agree with everyone else, looks like a blast. I wish I could of came over that way....
  6. i dont recall anything about argyle socks derek (my wife might see this hahahahah)
  7. My wife would expect no less of me ... :rolleyes:
  8. I think my fiance is glad I didn't make it...hahaha
  9. DARNIT! I missed the socks, skirt and boots because yea, I was at the BEER BOOTH! Imagine that....BUT, when I got back, The Stallion and Cjones had DROOL running down thier chins and DEC was crawling around BARKING like a dog and panting!

    Yes an EXCELLENT TIME! Can't wait for the next one!
  10. Fuzzy tells no lies ... that's pretty much how I recall it happening ... :cwm27:
  11. Was I even there? ;)

    Thanks for posting the pics Jonesy....again great time guys.

    The Stallagio may be putting on an IS banquet this summer....but based on the beer these boys can put down, it will be B.Y.O.Keg! LOL

    PS Jones, I have your foam hat here....tool! :) And Angie gives her love to all of you! :D

  12. :lol:
  13. Uh-oh! IS banquet at the Stallagio this summer, look out! I won't be missing that one......
  14. P.s. Do Michigan fans get the VIP room?:corkysm55
  15. Stallion, I hope I didn't leave too much beer on the floor!


    Super_mag......the "Michigan room" at the Stallagio is at the top of the basement stairs, sharp right, sharp left then first door on the left! ;)