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stamps or in

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by psychobubba, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. stamps are in

    went got 2006- 2007 migratory bird stamp , got it signed , got hip # , got steel T and BB , :bowdown: :bowdown: it won'tbe long.:mischeif:
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  2. Almost Time For Goose Slaying Lot Of Cut Wheat Fields Up In Northern In. This Year, The Bps Is Ready And Willing Hope Its Not To Hot Sept. 1 Good Luck Bubba

  3. who wants to take me? Ill bring the bow and flu-flu arrows which means I wont kill many i promise. And you guys can have all the back up shots you want. Come on pigeon you are close to where I live, you know you want to watch me shoot geese out of the air with my bow. You know you do... come on if fred bear can hit pheasants i can hit geese.
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  4. This would be worth the drive just to watch!
  5. i can hit frisbees and geese are much bigger than frisbees and they are probably gonna be all spread out coming into decoys. Oh yeah ive got this in bag. Its those crossing shots that might be tough Ill leave those up to the gunners but those ones where they come into your decoys straight on or angling a little big oh yeah those are for me for sure. Cmon everyone wants to see it so someone take me and ill smoke a goose out of the air.
  6. bring a gun, save your arrows

    I bet someone will take you if you use a shotgun!
  7. Ill take that too... sound like a deal?
  8. I could possibly be talked into this. Heck, we might have to get quail to video it. They wont be hard shots, the birds will land right with us. Well, they wont be hard shots for a gun:bonk: I can talk a goose into landing in a parking lot;) Always look for the 2-for-1 shot. Less arrows to look for afterwards. We do need a legal issue clarified though.. Are these steel tipped arrows? :lol:
  9. Never been goose hunting but one time, killed two geese and when we cook and ate them they were not good at all.
  10. pigeon im in

    They can be tipped with whatever it takes to be allowed to shoot one. Ill put expandable broadheads on them so i get a ton more cutting surface and we are good to go. However or whoever just guide me to a blind, bucket, grassy knoll whatever.... I'm in man. It will be so much fun and hell you might even get a good laugh or two or three. I promise ill be have and I wont mess with the dogs or the calls. Ill just sit there by myself and wait to shoot some geese.
  11. Its getting closer. I havent seen any heading to the fields yet, but the young of the year should start flying real soon. Then they will start heading out of town for the fields like clock work. Its getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!:bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: My bud told me he saw 50 young that were banded at a golf course on the river here. Cant wait to find some of them.............:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
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