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Stand Burnout???

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. I've had my butt up in a tree a lot from Saturday to today deer hunting, not to mention all the other time I have spent there prior to this week, as many of you have. Do you guys get "stand burnout" or "bowhunter burnout" or whatever you want to call it??? Sighting deer seems to help with this symptom but it doesn't take long for it to return. I tried a new approach yesterday and didn't hit the woods until 11:00 a.m. and was in the air by noon. I put my climber in an area I know holds deer although I had not had a stand in this area before. I sat there for 3.5 hours and said to myself "this location sucks!" I climbed down and moved to my ladder stand in another area where I have seen several deer, and took one earlier this season, and sat until dark and saw 1 buck. I had more confidence in that area. What do you guys do when you get "stand burnout", if you get it? Take a day off hunting? Drink a shot of Jack with a 6 pack of Bud chaser? Go fishing? Somebody please tell me before I resort to raking leaves!!! :yikes:
  2. I have taken a book out with me.

    When someone first told me about it, I thought that it was crazy! But then I finally tried it when I was planning on being out all day and I got some reading done. Now, that is not to say that I was reading the whole time, but off and on as the time progresses...I would read a few pages then go back to looking around, looking for deer and solving the worlds problems!

  4. Tree,

    I know exactly what you are talking about. When I first started hunting 13 years ago, I was in the tree as much as possible, especially early in Archery season. By the time the Rut came around I was burnt out. This to me was caused by a multitude of things: a lot of stand time, more scouting time lead me to try and zone in on a hot food source holding a shooter early in the season, but more importantly, Gun Season ruled for my family. I would stop hunting around 11/1/06 (YES I KNOW HOW IGNORANT THAT WAS, BUT I WAS JUST GETTING INTO HUNTING), and then wait for gun season to arrive. My cure for all that, limit my hunting early in the season, and patiently wait for 10/20/06 to arrive to start getting zoned in. I know some of you may not agree with that, but that was my solution. I don't have the time anymore, nor do I live close enough to my primary hunting ground to pay close attention to what the deer are doing on a day by day basis. I have to resort to past hunting experiences, but most of all my daily notebook I keep after hunting.

    You said it best though, you were more confident in your other area. Confidence plays a big part in hunting sucess IMHO.

    Hope that helps!!
  5. The "burnt out" thing is just another problem us crazy deer hunters must overcome!! I just keep thinking "it beats the heck out of work anyday". I was getting a serious case of it last weekend and took a day off and hunted a new area, that helped.
  6. Up until I shot my buck on Nov. 2 this year, I had hunted all but four evenings. It does get to be a job, and I get kind of burned out sometimes, but I always tell myself that I can't have a successful hunt (whether I shoot one or not) if I'm not out there. That is the motivation that keeps me hunting hard. I try to learn something everytime I'm out. I think of my hunts more as scouting trips than hunts...that is, until the night I take one.
  7. Tree, maybe if you would have let The Boss walk another year, the excitement level would still be peaked. :evilsmile Darn that little guy.

    I have to confess, the last two hunts that I've been out all day have been hard. Seeing few deer and getting soaked doesn't help, but like James has said, you're chances are zero if you stay at home. I just think the "archers burnout" is what tests our character, adds to the ability to stick it out until the job's done. Kind of sounded like George Bush there, huh? :evilsmile
  8. yes i have stand burn out right now. i've hunted and sat the last week and 1/2 with nothing to show. have seen deer but not what i was looking for. plus the warm spell. i took this afternoon off to wash hunting clothes and rest. i'm going to another stand location in the morning. that always helps me with the burn out especially if it gets real windy.
  9. Burn Out..never!!

    It just takes ALOT of discipline.. I used to get very impatient and if I did NOT see a deer shortly after entering my treestand, I wanted to get down and start searching.

    I FINALLY convinved myself if I got down all I was doing was putting my scent in the area and scaring more deer. I FINALLY got to the place I could occupy my mind watching other forms of windlife. I even started taking a camera along to photograph different wildlife such as fox, coyote, raccoon, turkey. deer and I use the photos in my aticles.

    After a number of years, I developed enough confidence in my hunting area to KNOW the longer I go without seeing a deer, the closer it is to the time I WILL see a deer. I keep my confidence in my area, my equipment and in my shooting ability and when the time arrives... I am READY TO RUMBLE!!!

    I would imagine I spend more time in a treestand that 5 other hunters. I am in the stand at least 30 minutes BEFORE first light and I hunt until 11:00AM. I get a quick lunch and I am back in the tree BEFORE 1:00PM.I hunt a MINIMUM of 6 days per week. I don't climb down until legal shooting time ends. That helps keep the freezer full and my taxidermist in business.

    Good Hunting..
    Bud Fields
  10. 1/5 Jack and a case of bud.... You know ,just like we toughed it out earlier this may when it rained the whole time we camped out and fished the tourney. Treestand burnout sure beats the heck out of working all the time. How many times if you were at work would you be dreaming of sitting in your stand during rut? If your that burned out Tree,,,trade me my work for the rest of your vacation time! Or rake some leaves and make Shelly happy!

  11. This thread couldn't of been started at a better time....I AM FRIED! As a bowhunter you try and stay optomistic about the season but this year has been extremely slow. I did finally see my first chasing of the season while on stand this morning. Been hunting the same areas that have produced for the past three years but it just isn't cooperating this year. I guess all the built up anticipation is what gives us all that unexplainable rush when it finally happens.
  12. Thanks for the replys guys. A lot of good comments (...and then there's Tilesetter's :cwm27: )....Know what you mean about good producing areas Main Beam, some of the areas I've hunted in the past that were golden have dried up at least while I'm there. There is sign but no appearances. I've been in other good areas and didn't seal the deal when I had the great opportunity. :banghead3 Time to refocus and get back in the early season frame of mind and just enjoy the experience and be ready when the opporunities present themselves...and also use the time on stand as scouting (thanks JL!) in prepration for the upcoming firearms season (I keep forgetting it's not over yet!). Good Luck!!!
  13. I have an IDEA,,, :mischeif: :mischeif: :mischeif:
  14. Come on girls, that's what hunting is about stay for hours. That why they call it hunting and not killing. I have average about 32 to 40 hours a week since bow season as came in and I still have not kill a buck. OH yes I have seen some bucks and none of the shooters has come close. So I will keep putting in the hours to see God's animals in the wild and love every moment of it. Yes I have seen many does and I am not ready to shoot one yet. Had a six pointer with in 5 feet yes feet not yards and I thought we wanted my seat. Come on gang spent time in God's country and take in all the things he has given us. Happy Hunting
  15. That's it, forget Mrs Doe Pee, forget Tinks....I'm switching to fried bluegill as a cover scent from now on !!!!!