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Hey all, I have an opportunity to hunt a piece of private land for the remainder of the season. Plan on getting out 5 or 6 times before gun season is out.
I am looking for some help for where everyone thinks would be the best spot to put a stand. Obviously good scouting is crucial, but it’s a couple hours away and I won’t have a chance to scout it on site until this weekend. I wanted to see if y’all had any input at first glance on where the most promising area would look to be just based on geography.
Here is the property, it is the large parcel (over 100 acres) in the middle of this image (land owner names scrubbed out of respect for the privacy of the landowner allowing me to hunt):
Ecoregion Map Terrestrial plant Rectangle Vegetation

My initial thoughts are that I should set up on the south side of the small field in the very northwest corner of the property, as it looks promising (more secluded, creek running through the woods right there, woods on the east side of that field create a funnel from the large tract of woods on the property to the north) and setting up on the south side gives good visibility, and I’ve been told prevailing winds on this property are out of the NW, but wanted to get community input as I don’t have a ton of private property experience like this.
Really appreciate any help y’all are able to offer!
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