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State Fish: If you had a choice which fish would you pick out of all of Indiana's fish ???

I did get this reply from the state in regards to an offical state fish. Maybe we can get together with some of the other fishing sites and all choose which fish we would like it to be, and then get together with a state legislator to get it done.
I\'m not sure just how it works, never been much into politics, but i think this site as well as the other fishing sites in Indiana just might have some fun with it.
Please give me your thoughts and any ideas about this. [email protected]
Thanks !!!

The topic of an official state fish comes up frequently. The procedure is
for a state legislator to sponsor legislation to recognize a fish or develop
a process to declare a state fish. I\'d suggest you work with a legislator
to set up legislation to accomplish either of these two choices. I\'ve
heard suggestions about elementary schools becoming involved in making the
selection. Results of our own statewide angler survey suggests that
largemouth bass is the most popular fish among resident anglers. We believe
this could be a fun and worthy development if it\'s done in a way that brings
views together rather than places one type of group against another in
trying to get their fish named.

Randy Lang
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We will be adding a vote or poll to let anglers from Indiana decide which fish to select.

We have talked to some of the state legistrators about this and it won't happen in 2005 as they have already told us there are to many other things on thier agenda. But, its a very good possibilty that we can get this voted in by our state assembly in 2006.
That should give us plenty of time to organize, vote and get it prepared before that time.

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I would like to nominate a proud fish, a fish who's been around for a very long time. Some have called him a bottom feeder, and others a scrap fish. But friends I call him an opportunist!! I give you the CARP!!!!!
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