Steelhead----St Joe River

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  1. Hatchery here in town is reporting that 5000 steelhead have passed through the South Bend Ladder and that 100 fish a day are going through now. They are here.
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  2. Never done any steel head fishing would like to try pigeon if you would have time and would maind a fishing partner sometime.

  3. Do you shore fish them or in a boat? I witnessed the fishing below the dam at Berrien springs a couple years ago and man were they having a ball. Course if you wanted to stand on a stump and cast you hada bring your own stump. It was elbow to elbow, and they were getting them on flies.
  4. Berrien Springs is a show for sure, but i stick to Indiana waters. I fish from a boat, but there is plenty of access for guys in waders. There is a dozen gravel flats that are in South Bend. No need to to go around the dams. Thats where all the trafic is.
  5. Any directions?

    I have fished the St. Joe at Berrien and Buchannan. Looking to try Indiana and interested in those gravel flats. I have no boat and looking for some good water to wade. I'm new to this site and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-Monty
  6. My opinion...The best gravel flat is the one below South Bend dam. Go through downtown and on the north side when you get to Memorial hospitol there is a park(Leeper Park) across the street. Turn into the park, find a place to park(designated areas only). Walk upstream about 200 yards and you cant miss it. Not as presured as the dam areas. Lots of fish stack up on this flat before moving farther upstream.:fish: Let me know when you are coming and I'll tell you if the water level is good or not.
  7. Welcome to the site Monty,
    There are a couple of good holes in the St Joe in that area you should have no trouble finding a spot.