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Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Fishing report

    More steelhead have poured into the St. Joseph River, walleyes have been biting from Elkhart to Lake Michigan and the bluegills are getting more aggressive in shallower water.

    Nearly 2,000 steelhead were counted as they passed the South Bend fish ladder as of Sept. 10 and officials are certain several more have moved since then.

    "We've seen a lot of fish moving through the ladders over the past week or so and we know there has been steady fish movement," explained Dave Meuninck of the Bodine Fish Hatchery.

    The fish are being caught, added Dick Parker of Central Park Bait and Tackle in Mishawaka.

    "We saw at least a dozen fish brought into our store (Wednesday)," he said. "I would say fishing is fair right now, but it should get a lot better."

    Locating the fish hasn't been as easy as in years past because of repairs being made on the Twin Branch Dam. Turbines have been closed during the work and flood gates have been open.

    That has reduced the current and limited it to the north side.

    The work is likely to continue into October.

    Without the steady current, the fish aren't concentrating near the dam. On the other hand, fishing has been good at other places like the Central Park dam.

    "They're still getting a few fish at Twin Branch and Zappia Park," Parker said. "But not like they should be."

    In-line spinners, spawn and other drift baits have been most productive.

    Lake Michigan biologist Brian Breidert said king salmon fishing has been good around Michigan City where anglers are trolling hard baits and J-Plugs. He noted that coho fishing has been good in the lower to middle stretches of Trail Creek with spinners, spawn and streamers or leech pattern flies.

    "We're also hearing about some big walleyes being caught around the Michigan City harbor and smallmouth action has been good around the shorelines," he added.

    If trout and salmon don't get you excited, consider the walleye fishing on the river. Mike McNulty of Midway Bait and Tackle said walleyes have moved shallower (5 to 8 feet) and have been biting well.

    "I"m seeing a lot of 20 inchers," he said. "Most of the fish are coming on nightcrawlers fished on Lindy rigs and jigs."

    Bluegill fishing continues to be very good, he added, for anglers fishing crickets and red wigglers in 14 to 15 feet of water.
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