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Steuben Co. Duck Day - Youth

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, May 18, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that we just wrapped up our 11th annual Duck Day here in Steuben Co. The Steuben Co. Chapter of Ducks Unlimited holds Duck Day at Cedar Swamp east of Fremont for 7th Grade students from three local school systems. This year we had over 400 kids in attendance.

    We set up several different stations for the kids to participate in various waterfowl related activities. The kids built wood duck boxes, learned about various creatures that live in the water, learned about ducks and geese, got exposed to retrievers, planted trees, and several other fun swamp things. The also got very cold and very muddy.

    Our chapter's Green Wing program is the largest in the nation. Our number of Green Wings is very much associated with the success of our Duck Day. There are two people that must be recognized for the success of Duck Day. The first is Scott Hottel (hotshot on other forums) a 7th grade teacher from Angola and someone I'm proud to call my friend. Scott organizes the entire event and without him the event would be nothing. The second person is Keith Dehaan and the Christel Dehaan Family Foundation. They have been long time financial donors to our chapter and our Duck Day. This year they donated $10,000 to our Duck Day event. Yes that is $10,000 for one kids event!

    It was an amazing experience for myself to get to hang out and help teach that many kids. I have a new appreciation for all you teachers out there.

    I would encourage everyone to volunteer some of your time to become involved in a hunting organization, especially one that involves the kids.

    On another Duck Day note. Our State Waterfowl Biologist Adam Phelps attended on Thursday. He helped at one of the stations all day. I got to speak with Adam at great lengths while eating lunch. He is a very good guy, avid waterfowl hunter, and was very open to listening to mine and others concerns about waterfowl hunting in Indiana. It sounds like there could be some very good things ahead for us waterfowl hunters.:coolgleam
  2. That is awesome, Derek. Fine job to everyone involved. I was involved in a DU event when I was younger...great stuff...exposure is the key.

    Thanks to everyone who does things like this. You are truly doing great things for our future as outdoorsman.

  3. I volunteered at one of the duck days several years ago...very fun experience.