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Clear in great shape!

Hope this isn't too late - Was on Clear Thursday. Ice was in great shape. 8-12", solid, with a light cover of snow. Was off the northeast shore in 8 1/2' of water. I went for perch, had pretty steady action come through the holes, but fish were not aggressive. They just kept mouthing and picking at the baits. This time around minnows seemed to be the choice but I think wigglers would have been the better ticket. I only had a few & used them up right away. I'm wondering if I should have gone to a jig with a little treble hook. Gillers closer to shore had the results when I left late morning. Those they caught were up in the 9-10" range however, which is a nice gill. If you hit the right day you'll do well. Weekends aren't the best because of too many folks which translates into too much noise. But with the weather reports, there are plenty of good ice days left.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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