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strings and cable

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by oldrookie, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Guys while we are on the subject of bow equipment, I need advise. I bought my Browning/PSE this time last year. With all the practice and season this year, I am going to have to replace my originals. They are showing fraying etc. I don't necessarily want to replace with OEM cable and strings.

    Any string and cable recommendations?
  2. I just replaced the old "zebra twist" string on my Mathews with a new one, same type. The old one lasted me 4 seasons and the new one shoots great.

  3. You can never use too much string wax! Winner's Choice is a really good bowstring. Whatever you do, get a PRE-STRETCHED string. You'll pay a lot of money for a quality, pre-stretched string, but it'll be worth it.
  4. wax

    Keith, I thought I was using a generous amount of wax. Cam or wheel may be out of alignment. Fraying a lot below the cam and wheel. The area you typically think about waxing shows less wear. nock area is about had it and I added dental floss as suggested by technician.
  5. Winners Choice, Vapor Trail, Buck Nasty, there are a bunch of good ones. Spend the bucks and get a good one. See what your pro-shop recommends, they like all of us have their opinions.

    Or, just buy a new bow.:evil:

    Just like my mother-in-law would do with her car. Tires are shot, just buy a new car.:coco:
  6. Had a winners choice put on mine for this season....great string, and as others have said, can't wax them babies enough.
  7. I feel like an idiot here, and have been bow hunting for about 8 years...what the heck is bow wax? I think that I may have missed the boat on this one!
  8. From :

    "Every bowstring must be waxed periodically to lubricate individual strands and protect the exposed surfaces from fraying. Regular waxing can easily triple the life of a bowstring.

    A number of companies sell wax designed for this purpose. Saunders and Martin offer excellent products. Ordinary beeswax is also effective. Some large archery stores purchase beeswax in quantity, cut it into small cubes, and sell these portions for a handsome profit."
  9. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Rook, is the area near the nock being worn by your release or by the nock from the arrow, if its the release you need a loop(i prefer using one anyways). The wear around the cam could be from a few things, warped limb, torqing the bow, bur on the cam(i have seen this believe it or not), Depending on your bow and how the draw length is adjusted, some bows have diff. pegs on the sides of the cam that your string is tied to, when you adjust you draw length,you move the string to a diff. peg. the part of the string that was bent sharply around the cam where it enters the groove is now moved farther into the groove and does not seet well and starts to get frayed very quickly, i have seen this many times, even on one of my bows, hope i explained it correctly, kinda hard to describe....if ya need any help let me know!!!!!
  10. Sorry rook, I didn't know the wear was near the cam. That doesn't sound normal to me. Don't think wax could fix that :banghead3 .
  11. I shoot a LOT and have multiple bows...I've used a bunch of custom strings and best bang for the buck that I've found is Wolfden Bowstrings.

    Jason's out of Traverse city Michigan and does a great quality job, truly custom...pick your material and color and he even let me sepcify my serving end length and center serving length (I'm pretty particular).

    Winner's choice is great and maybe the only one that's even close (maybe a little better with the X coat they use) but Wolfden is more personalized and I've NEVER had an issue.

    I put one on....shoot it 50 times or so and put the peep exactly where you want it cause it aint moving again!

  12. 100 % agree it is worth the money . i put :bowdown: winners choice :bowdown: on mine and love it and got there cable slide too