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STS and Muzzys

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by LoveHunting, May 20, 2007.

  1. Well, how many of you guys have gotten the STS dampening system on your bow? I thinking of going to that, I've heard it's great. Last year I went to mechanical broadheads and after having one open up and causing my arrow to dive right I'm going back to fixed blade. I've heard a lot about the muzzys. How do they shoot compared to field points? I know a lot of you have them. I shoot a buckmaster g2sl, and I would like to put some muzzys on my Breman carbons. I probably would also have to go with the double sts considering how short my bow is. Just looking for some opinions from guys who have and or tried each of these. thanks.
  2. I shot 100 grain 3 bladed muzzy's last year. Shot one deer with em, killed one deer with em. I had no problems getting them to fly well. It was literally a matter of one small adjustment from what my field tips were shooting and they were grouping nicely. Everyone I've ever talked to has had positive things to say about them. Bought a new bow and new arrows this year but I'm still planning on the trusty muzzy's for my broadheads.

  3. STS and Muzzy 'em both!
  4. I heard the Montec G5's are good. Has anyone tryed them. Shot muzzys for a couple of years and never had a problem with them
  5. thought about the sts i was told 50 bucks my Q2XL is quiet enough, too expensive. i shoot rocky mt 100 gr. snypers, never a failure or premature opening. what mech. failed for you lovehunting?
  6. Silver Strykers. I had them recommended to me by a few people. great price and great quality even when i shot them practicing, but it was that one time it hosed me out of a deer.
  7. i tried to get a sts last year. but on my bow the whole that it mounts on doesn't go all the way through so it had to be mounted from the front where the stabelizer bar screws on and of course they didn't have any. and i never got around to ordering one. the pro shop said they were selling like crazy. i hope to have one on before season comes in. he did say my bow needed a double cause it's a short bow. the new trykons and i think the drenylins come with them.
  8. I started using the G5 two seasons ago and love them. I still have Muzzys as well, but do love the Montec heads. They fly nice and cut well.
  9. been doing some broadhead research...heard good about Muzzys, heard good about Montecs...right now, I'm leaning toward the montecs, i prefer he design of the montecs...and i have never heard anyone say anything less than stellar about them...
  10. Here is my STS......I bought an STS rubber bumper for $7. I turned down and threaded a rod to adapt it to the rear stabilizer mount. No bending was required for string clearance.

    The STS quieted the bow down and eliminated wrist slap. A worthy addition.
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  11. I use the sts on my browning. Really dampened the noise and no more arm slap. I too use the montecs. Can't really make a comparison, due to the fact thats the only fixed blade I have tried.
  12. I have never had much luck with fixed blade broadheads for accuracy. There are some pretty good ones out there but a fixed blade will never fly as close to the same as a field point as a mechanical blade will. I have had problems with the mechanical ones that use rubber bands. I use mechanical heads that have an o-ring that sits under the blades, and I have never had one open up because the o-ring sits in a grove, and won't slide off. The blades actually cut the o-ring when they start to open. I haven't tried any of the newer mechanicals that don't use a rubber band or an o-ring.
  13. STS and Slick Trick broad heads here. Can't complain. Can't say enough great things about the STS. I've been shooting one on my bows for three years now.:coolgleam
  14. Then you have never tried Slick Trick Broadheads.

    These broadheads were only available through the company that made them...........till now. I see that Cabela's is now a vendor. This changes everything. Get you a 3 pack to try from Cabela's or at Slick Trick themselves at before they get behind in delivery due to demand.

    You will never shoot another broadhead.................period.
  15. I don't agree with this at all. I use Razorbacks and Slick Tricks neither fly any different than my field tips. They're both fantastic in the air, and cut very well. I've used a number of mechanicals and will never put one on a hunting arrow again, nothing but trouble.