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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by JL, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Found this website on another forum...I think I'll be picking up one of these. Anyone here had any experience with this system?
  2. I've been shooting them for over a year. I had a Diamond Gladiator that I just could not tame. I put an STS on it and all the sudden it was an amazing shooter. I then put one on my Diamond Stinger and wow. it took an already awesome bow and made it into a dream machine.

    So then I bought a Mathews Switchback XT. I did not put the STS on the bow and shot it for several months like that. Why would a bow that awesome need an STS? So just for fun one day, I took the STS off my wife's High Country and put it on my XT. I shot it a couple times and noticed what I thought might be a slight improvement in the feel of the shot. So then I took it off and shot the bow. Needless to say, it went right back on. My groups are tighter and the shot is absolutely DEAD in the hand. You think an XT or Trykon or Tribute shoots nice alone, put an STS on it and then shoot it.

  3. exactly what is it i can't get that site opened up.
  4. I put a custom-made STS on my Diamond Victory. Nothing but positive results. I was able to remove all my string silencers, picking up about 5 fps in the process. Also it greatly reduced the "twang" in the string. I sometimes had trouble with wrist slap, that has been taken care of too. I bought the STS rubber cushion at a local archery shop for $6. I have access to machine shop equipment so it was just a matter of threading one end and turning the other end down for the cushion to slide on. Most bows don't require a bend in the STS, so it makes it pretty easy to fabricate. Remember you just want the cushion to barley make contact with the string.
  5. A double STS worked wonders on my bow. Not only does it shoot better but it all but eliminates the string slapping my wrist.
  6. i think i'm going to have one put on mine this weekend.
  7. I just ordered one similar can't wait to try it.