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Stupid Idiot Hunters!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DadOfFour, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. I am so freakin pissed off right now!

    I climb into my stand about 6:30 this morning, psyched up and ready to go. About 7 or so it started getting light and I see a guy sitting in a stand no more than 50 yards away. He hollers over, " Hey there I was wondering who my hunting buddy was gonna be, saw your stand when I put mine up." :banghead3 As if thats not bad enough the a$$bag lights a cigarette (upwind of me) and turns on a small radio and starts SINGING :bash::bash::bash::bash: So, I climbed out of my stand, took my stand down then went and pissed all around his stand :evilsmile Wasted the whole damn day cause my stupid radios wouldn't work so I couldn't call my neighbor to come pick me back up.

    Put the stand up about 4 miles away from that dirt bag but damn that was NOT the start I wanted for my season. I think I'm gonna go on Tuesday and spread moth balls all around that jerk's stand!

  2. That sucks bad man. soory to here about it.

  4. My first deer 25 years ago was a similar situation. Public land near Story...when the sun came up a guy was 50 yards from me on the ground...about an hour after sunrise two deer walked behind him slightly on the down side of the ridge...I could see them since I was in the tree...after they passed him I shot one and dropped it in his tracks. I scared him to death and he got up and stomped off. I have had similar problems on private land too...people not staying where they said they were going to hunt or trespassers wandering in.

    Public land is tough, no doubt about it.
  5. I was hunting years ago and killed a buck that died on a fence row .When I field dressed him I noticed a deer stand on the other side that NO ONE had permission to hunt. So I was mad ,cause I knew who the stand belonged to and threw that bucks nut sack up in that fellas tree stand! But I also know 2 wrongs don't make a right! Between deer hunters I think we all can do things we may soon regret!
  6. Now thats some funny chit!! :lol:
  7. that does suck, I agree it sounds like PETA..
  8. dont think you have to worry about the moth balls i doubt thid idiot would see any deer anyway!!!!
  9. Last year my brother was hunting from his ladder stand on property he has permission to hunt. The lady that owns the property next to that pulled up in her van opened up all the doors, turns on the radio, yells at my brother and asks if he's seen anything...then she just sets there in her van with the radio blaring. They had a verbal altercation and she said she didn't want anyone doing anything to HER deer. My brother drove over to the local CO's house and talked to him about it being hunter harassment. The CO told him it was her property and she could do anything legal on it she wanted to. The CO did however go to her house and talk to her about it. She hasn't done it since then.
  10. Two years ago I was hunting a fenceline from DNR side.

    About 1pm DNR comes stomping in. he keys right in on me calls me down hassles me,Then he says there is a report of me taking more than one deer out of a FWA. The jerks were lieing on me to get out of thier hunting area. Gives me four tickets, judge throws out two I still had to pay $90. Still tagged out close by.

    They will get thiers , ya reap what ya sow...

    Other hunters dont get me mad they just send me packing for other area,no harm done.If ya get mad about stuff like that it takes away from the sprotsmanship of the hunt. (I dont mean the peta jerk Dad that is an exception shoulda set a shaft above his head, that would shut him up)
    Last year, same area the private land guy gets on his three wheeler and drives the fence line morning and evening. I went back to the locust thicket and tagged out there.
    This year I aint going near the fence line.I will have my Guide lead me.
  11. Oh well the new stand area looks like a real nice funnel. No rubs but a whole ton of tracks, including some really freaking big ones, so I hope it'll all work out for the best, just really pissed me off.

    North- I had an arrow nocked (not for him, just being ready for all the deer I was supposed to see), and I did think about sending it his way, but damn arrows and broadheads are expensive ;)
  12. Who in the sam hell would have a radio???:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: Well you have the rest of the season. Personally I would put about 10 fake rubs around his stand and I garuntee ya there will be 5 peeps around his stand next weekend:yikes: :yikes: Fake rubs always keep idiots together
  13. What about those stupid nextel walkie talkie cell phones with that stupid "blee dee bleep" chirp? :coco:
  14. The way i hunt public land is to hunt on the week days, and hunt the thickets and swamps, the places where u need waders, if not then u are going to run into more people than deer. hope this helps.
  15. welcome to the world of public land hunting. you think that's bad go back opening day of firearms season.