Suburban Turkeys

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  1. I spotted three jakes today near I-65 in Whiteland, Johson County. I knew they were in the south portion of the county, but thought I would never see some on the outskirts of town where I have lived on and off for 25 years. The furthest North I had seen them in Johnson so far was the Amity area south of Franklin. Has anyone else spotted wild turkeys in unlikely areas near towns? This area is similar to Fort Wayne with sparse wood lots and wooded creeks and lots of development. How do the birds make it in these habitats with sparse cover and roosting trees? For people that know the area, the three jakes crossed the road from the front yard of some houses and ended up in the Whiteland Orchard, Mashmeyer Nursery area. I couldn't believe it!:yikes:
  2. I saw 3 about a month ago, west of 65 off whiteland road about half way between 65 and and 31. I think it was close to the schoot but I can't remember. They were about 75 yrds off the road and I too could'nt believe what I was seeing. There was a wood lot close by with homes around. I Usually don't see any till I get south of 58 when I travel on 65.

  3. probably the same ones

    Sounds like the same area, maybe same birds. I know the local wide ranging deer herd frequent that are, but never thought turkeys would take up shop there. They may primarily stay in the nursery, orchard. What do you think Bo, Hoyt?:help: