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Sucker Fishing?

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Anyone out there fish for Suckers in the spring? It won't be long till they start to run. I was raised to fish for those "Hoosier salmon" every Spring by my Dad. We would fish the Elkhart and the Pigeon. Score them to cut up the little bones and fry them hard and crisp and they eat pretty good!:fish:
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Don't know much about them, but where I originate from, people eat horny heads pretty much the same way. Tasty as all get out.
Travis here is a link on white suckers, one of the more common kinds. You might be thinking of what we call a hog sucker or a stoneroller? Sucker will be starting their spawning run in your neighborhood soon. Find where a good size creek goes into a river. tie up a sliding sinker rig. Put on a size 6 hook and some worms and try to drop your sinker right in the current seam where the creek water and river water come together. They bite lightly often just wiggle the end of the pole. If you get a really good bite its probably a carp or a catfish. Its a good early spring outing. I often take a thermos of coffee and watch the mating waterfowl fly up and down the river.
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