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Suicide mission

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by 911, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Had a couple coast into our set up this morning. Only two birds we saw all morning until 11.


    Yes the old ugly guy is shootsa410
  2. Would like to still be huntin' them up here in the good ole SJBP zone. :rant:

  3. Looks like fun. Congrats
  4. Looks like a good day to me:coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam
  5. A slow day hunting is better than a good day a work.
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  6. My wifes grandma who i met once died saturday so i got three day paid off work this week and i took full advantage.
  7. I couldn't agree more.

    Just head up North James across the state line! You can still hunt these MIGRATORY birds up there right now!!!! :rolleyes: How much sense does that make:confused:

    I love our great state, but some of our rules....:coco:
  8. There's something just not right, yet beautifully poetic about this statement John! :cwm27:
  9. And the really ugly guy, who can shoot but not hit, is the one taking the picture. scout said the area was full of birds last evening. Maybe we need to change our hunting time. Monday is looking like a goose killin day. I would hate to carry all that gear out in the field by myself, but I gots to do what I gots to do. :)

    BTW John.....ask your buddy, you know the other guy in the picture, how many good field shoots does a pintail decoy make? He'll know exactly what I mean by it.
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