Summer Fishing Destinations....

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  1. Let's hear everyone's Summertime fishing destinations and what you expect to catch there.

    This coming Thursday/Friday at midnight my dad, Ron, and my Uncle, Tom Ely; and a couple other friends will be going to Ely, Minnesota for the annual springtime Walleye trip at "Uncle Tom's Cabin". This will be the first spring I haven't went to Minnesota for about 5 years.
    The post spawn walleye fishing in the Canadian Shield lakes in and around Ely can be excellent in early June. Tactics include backtrolling with minnows, or leeches (depending on water temp. which one works better) in shallow water of a major spawning bay. Most fish are caught in 7-13 feet of water at all times of the day.

    Although we mainly fish for 'eyes, we also catch Northerns, SMallies, and the occasional panfish (crappie, bluegill).

    I know J.L. and Cary are going to Canada...Where is everyone else going? Let's hear about tactics, "the big one that got away", stories, half truths, and outright lies right here on this thread....

    One year up on Basswood Lake just north of Ely I had a legitimate 20 pound Walleye hooked and right to the boat....when a GIANT Northern grabbed it right a the boat.......It was HUGE!!!!!!!!:corkysm55

    Fisherman's Creed

    Early to bed,
    early to rise,
    fish like Hell,
    and make up lies!!!!!!
  2. My big summer plans??? Fish an hour or two here and there after work, when I can and hope for the best. Anyone want to trade?

  3. Quail, just think of all the money you will make to spend on tackle.:coco:
  4. Hey Dean and all the gang. Lets think about going down to Randy's (treehugger) for a weekend and rent a cabin and fish, with 10 to 12 guys it would not cost much to rent a cabin for the weekend. I will let tree tell you all about it. MAN IT SOUND LIKE JUST WHAT WE WANT TO DO. Take could be our fishing trip south and then we need a trip to the north. Tell them all about tree and give them the websites to look at.
  5. They have rental boats, so we don't have to haul rigs down there?
  6. Three more weeks, and I'll be throwing topwater lures for big smallies in Canada. There's nothing like a smallie blow up on a Zara Spook or a Pop-R. I can't wait!
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    Leaving June 16 for my annual Canada fishing trip. Been going to the same place for 20 years. It's a fly in that's pretty reasonable.

    Fishing for Walleye and Pike (no Smallies in the lake)

    It's the only vacation (don't tell my wife) that I really look forward to every year.
  8. James and Cary, I wish you the best, those sound like so much fun.
  9. My trip to Canada is 8/5-8/13 Winnipeg River, Kenora Ontario. Smallies, Walleye and big Northern.

    I cannot wait.

    Good Luck everyone.

  10. I'm leaving June 17th for a canoeing/camping wilderness trip in Ontario. We'll get to fish several lakes, and should catch lots of pike, smallies, walleye, perch, and maybe even some lake trout. :bouncy: We won't be all that far north of Basswood.

  11. well I am like Quail, I will do most of my fishing here, maybe a couple of trips to coldwater for smallies and a few trips to erie for walleyes.
  12. No grand plans...

    I don't have any grand plans like a trip or vacation (unable to use vacation time)...but I do plan to keep hitting Pike Lake and learning to boat more walleyes. I've made a few changes in the boat, and quite a few changes in my tackle, now I'm ready to put theory to test.
  13. I will possibly be going to Lake Michigan the 25th of this month to try for summer kings/coho and maybe some steelhead. We will leave from Mich city. Fishing has been rather slow at the entire south end of the lake as of late however and if it doesnt heat up i may push that trip back into July. Last year we nailed some good 3 and 4 year old King Salmon in mid July right along the Michigan/ Indiana water boundary.

    Im thinking about taking a trip up to the ST.Joe for some walleye and smallmouth. A charter captain i fish with is taking some trips up there through the week and i have never fished for walleye before and would like too.

    Other then that, i will probably just hit the Wabash and the Eel for some smallies and flatheads.
  14. Yesterday I was practicing for those topwater smallies that JL was talking about....

    20" Indiana Smallmouth

    Hit a Leverage buzzbait in about 1.5' of water.

  15. That's a pig! Nice fish, War.