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Summit Report 4.10.5

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Slowretrieve, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Fished Summit Sunday. Looking for crappie. Never found any. No walleye. No perch. Found lots of bass. In the backs of the coves where no sensible person would take a decent boat I found flocks of bass, mosty legal size, hanging in about a foot to two feet of water. I am supposing they were all there because the water was warm. Didn't keep any but I probably caught fifty. It was a real disappointment. I was hoping for crappie.
  2. I'm not sure about summit right now but, at prairie creek, most of the crappie are suspending out in the deep water about 4 to 12' down. You can't mark em on your sonar, because they move away from the boat. Ya just have to float a little then they move up so they show up on the sonar.

    About 2 or 3 more weeks they should all be up shallow.

  3. Thanks, Bestshot. They are probably doing about the same at Summit. I went to Brookville on Friday (3/8/5) and the water temp was STILL 48 degrees down in the Bonwell area. The lake was 3 feet below summer pool and it was clear with only a little debri floating here and there. There were a lot of non-fishing types on the lake (surprise surprise) and all I managed to catch was one carp and one shad, both foul-hooked. I guess I am getting too itchy too early this year.
  4. I never fish the south end of brookville until at least May. I usually fish up close to the idle zone. The flats there usually offer some of the better fishing.

    The reef between fairfield & egypt hollow ramps, is a good spot this time of the year. As the sun rises, the fish move out to the east side drop off in the deep water. Usually in the 20' to 30' depth. Jig em slow with minnow or crawler. Both bass and walleye can be found at the same location. Crappie ? I have no idea about brookville crappie. Them critters are on the move to much. Here today, gone tonight.

    I don't bass fish but, at times, its pretty easy to hook some nice smallmouth south of the fairfield flat on the east side. Right against the shore line by the old road bed. 3" tubes texas rig. Put it on the shore and slowly hop it back down into the deep water. Works for me. The trick is, finding the right color and, use some sent to block your smell. I think fish can smell better when the water is cooler.
  5. That's probably good advice; I don't remember doing much at Brookville until about May. But when June and July hit the place is on fire! I especially love the white bass, stripers and walleye over there. Like you, I rarely fish for bass unless there just isn't anything else biting and I get an urge to "pad my numbers," as my associate calls bass fishing. I know that area you're talking about near Egypt Hollow. Sometimes I'll be sitting on that flat about sunset and the surface of the lake will bloom with marauding white bass smashing into the shad schools. That area is great as is the Garr Hill/Templeton area. And I generally notice that when the sandies are hitting, the stripers are close by.