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Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by notenoughtime, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. How 'bout Summit lake. Anyone fish there lately?
  2. Not until the ice comes on!!!!!!

  3. Why wait? Hey Rico, do you still live around warren?
  4. yea got some good wallys great gills and perch

    should be picking up with the cool down
  5. Do I know you? No I dont live there anymore. Moved around Warsaw 9 months ago. The honey hole is in my backyard. I just never really had any monster days at summit on the softwater. I have been fishing morse quite a bit. Been killing the gill there.....
  6. No, I don't think we know each other. I lived in Van Buren, and I used to work at Morrison's restaurant in Warren. I live north of marion now. Fish the Mississinewa river quite a bit, from marion to the reservoir. Lot's of smallies in that stretch.
  7. You were talkin about living in Warren in an older thread I came across......
  8. I used to eat at Morrison's all the time, I lived on Jefferson St.
  9. Did you fish Salamonie or Huntington res. very much? Salamonie crappie fishing has been really hot the last couple of years. Mississinewa has came around quite a bit too, since the draw down.
  10. I never was satisfied with the quality of the crappie at Salamonie. Got numbers and lengths but they were as thick as a piece of notebook paper. I fished the hell out of a lake that is on the Huntington Reservoir property. The locals call it Simpson pond. They just got the dam fixed at Mississinewa, and I have heard through my old buddies down there that the bite has been pretty good.