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Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. anybody out there got a fishing report on summit or prairie creek
  2. What am I reading here?:yikes::yikes: North young man, north, where the fish bite and the mushrooms grow,god's country and all.:bowdown::bowdown: Although it would be interesting to see if anybody's doing any good down there.

  3. just trying to stir up a response from the "kid" the way fire 831, you need to get some sleep!!!!!!!!:corkysm55 :corkysm55 :corkysm55 :mischeif: :SHOCKED:
  4. I have heard the bite at Praire Creek is really tough right now. The pressure from all the boat traffic and warm weather the past few weeks have made it really tough. I have a club tournament there on Saturday and I will guess it will not take more than 5lbs to win.

    Summit Lake, I have not heard much about lately. Typically this time of year a person can do really good early and late fishing a topwater over the submerged vegatation. Key on spots on the main lake.
  5. Praire creek is picking up its pace now i am seeing a lot more poeple catch walleye now and good size smallmouth and summit lake is always good either morning or late night fishing but not as good during the middle of the day when there is more boaters out there.
  6. Good fish on Prairie Creek

    There are some nice fish on prairie creek if you like to catch carp you will see carp rolling all morning even if you fih of the docks. I suggest u get some dough balls and beemoths ( for the bluegill and walleye) and head out to the resivor. You are almost guarenteed to catch a monster carp. The white bass are hitting good too. I have also heard that there are some pike in prairie creek too but im not sure if it is a rumor or fact.
  7. LMAO...I dont fish for carp. After "edible" cuisine...:fish:
  8. carp are edible you just have to take the mudd vain out of the meat. I have heard they are actually quite good when actually done right.
  9. i have ate them before...dont care for them. and yes they were cleaned "properly". but I also dont eat catfish or bass. i am after gill,redear,crappie, and perch. that is my cuisine. i will let you have all the "goldfish";)
  10. Pike have not been stocked in prairie creek since the early 70's. The water is much to warm for them. That's why they stopped stocking them. Also its full of rough fish.