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Sun Rendered Fish Oil

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Panfisher, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Does anyone make their own fish oil ? Is there a certain fish that you like to use more than others ? ( I'm thinking creekchubs and shinners ) What do you add to the mix to keep it from freezing ?


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  5. This site never went away Panfisher, you're thinking of a sub-par site that shared a similar name.

    For fish oil I like to cut up chunks of carp and render them out. Chubs and shiners would be very similar.. but one carp will go a long ways. After you have the oil you are after you just need to add a little glycerine to it to prevent freezing.

    I also use the dark meat out of catfish and grind it up for coon paste bait. Works great, when mixed with the proper additives for taste/texture and durability.

  6. I would suggest calling Hoosier Trapper Supply and buying it. It's a lot easier and a whole lot less smelly. I spilled a tiny bit in my Pathfinder once and never did get the smell completely out :cheeky-sm. From then on I carried it in a pouch tied to the rear bumper. If you insist...we used to give Hoosier Trapper the carp we shot bowfishing to make fish oil...that would be my guess.
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    Hoosier Trapper is good for all your scent needs. 317-881-3075
  11. I spend alot of time and $$ at HTS, but why pay for something I can make myself ..... lures and baits isn't what I usually get at HTS and I have a gallon of fish oil from Twin Oakes left from last year ....just wandering about making my own to save a $ this season ....gas ain't going to be any cheaper come trappin' time ....

    JBR see ya Saturday ....Bring some of them decals with you .....:bonk:
  12. It's been several years since I trapped. Unless prices have come way up or you live in the middle of your trapping area, it's been a long time since it was paying proposition. It's kind like any hunting...I think after all the gear, gas and fast food I've spent money on in the last 30 years, I could eat the rack of lamb(rare) at Shula's Steakhouse just about everyday and save money. Of course, then the wife would come along...what was I thinking!
    And like my mom always said when I was young..."It's better for you and cheaper than a lot of other hobbies...and I always know where you are" That's why your wife/girlfriend like it too!
  13. No, trapping isn't reallly a money maker these days unless you have some pretty special setups and some friends in high places. I hardly break even- and I trap pretty hard.

    As far as saving a few dimes on fish oil- I'm all for it. Things like that are what keep me happy during the summer time. I get all my things together, practice with my bow, load up the boat, get on the water and hunt down some carp. Then I go home and cut the nasty things up into chunks and put them in jars. Go dump the leftovers and hang a trail camera over it... to catch pics of baby coons... then come home and start puttin all my toys away. All that for a $2.99 bottle of Fish Oil. Yup- sounds like a bargain to me. What else are you gonna do? Mow grass? :coco:

    Heading to the FTA National Convention in Evansville tomorrow- decals are SUPPOSED to be here at 8 a.m. so I can bring them along.... everyone is welcome to look us up at the Indiana Predator Challenge booth on Saturday.