Super Bowl Bandwagon

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, Feb 3, 2007.

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  2. wow, looks like i want "da bears" to win. i didn't realize that

  3. My team is DA if you will excuse me, i have to go play croquet....
  4. Enough of the Bear talk. Like I thought Colts all the way!!!!
  5. Pretty cool ccavacini. They gave me the Bears. Thank goodness I didn't get the Colts. I hate bandwagoniers!

  6. That Bastard told me the Colts were my team!!! I like 'em but not as much as DA BEARS!!
  7. Damn it! Took the test again same results.
  8. Go ahead ...come out of the CLOSET!!!!!!!
  9. Yeah Baby, GO INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!!! After Sunday all the Bears fans will be saying, "DA COLTS!" Haha Have a good weekend!
  10. Where are all those bears fans now? THE COLTS ROCKED THE BEARS!!!!!!!

  11. Been here all day...
  12. anyone catch the fans car surfing in Indy on the news