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Supply list

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by oldrookie, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Being the orderly soul that I am. Need help in getting prepared for upcoming deer season. What does everyone take to the field? Need supply list ranging from scent free soaps and sprays to food. I want to get jump on it now so it doesnt break the bank in September!

    When does everyone check their equipment?

  2. ok, you asked for it. hands free flash light (wear on your head, a must have), sharp field dressing knife (even though I'll be doing it for you :biggrin: ), rope, cell phone (turned off until YOU need it), grunt tube call, rattle bag, The Can call, drag rag, earth scent spray, earth scent wafers, deer tag and bread sack wraps, bottle of water or other beverage, matches or lighter, camera, folding saw. that's good for now...i may add later what others forget.


  3. Rookie

    First, pack a roll of T.P, then pack all that stuff Randy told you about.

    Myself, I believe that I've spooked more deer with scent lures than I've ever drawn in, so I'd leave those on the store shelf. I do use cover scents.
    Scout, scout and scout some more, I try to get a stand position about 20 yrds downwind of what I think will be a good ambush position.

    So many hunters around my woods, you can hear them grunting on tubes sometimes...I'd only call on rare occations...just be a hole in the woods, seems to work best for me, but again, I hunt small patches in a rather crowded world.

    I got great news today! The boss asked me to turn in my vacation time so they can get someone to cover for me... I CAN HUNT THIS YEAR!!!!:bowdown:
  4. Equipment


    Leave all of the scent lure material at the store.

    Fresh earth wafers in your storage boxes for your clothing/gear is good.

    A sharp Gerber knife is a a must, gut hook optional (nice but optional).

    Knee high rubber boots (necessity) (only worn to hunt in)

    Toilet paper for trailing wounded deer

    Good flashlight/fresh batteries (head mounted or handheld)

    Grunt tube to carry, but not necessarily use.

    Binoculars (8 power) a must. Higher strength is your call.

    Safety harness (a must when you are hunting with me)

    I continually update my equipment.

    In September, I start hanging my hunting clothes on my screened in porch. This captures the outside air smell. I have seen it be more effective than scent wafers. If I didn't have a screened in porch, I wouldn't know where to hang my clothes to get the air.

    RWR you have my number call anytime and we can talk further about gear.

  5. Don't forget the GPS! :lol:
  6. In my bag of tricks i have the following "stuff", otherwise known as "junk" to the less informed female version of humanity.

    1.) TP-(I have a plastic baggy with the wet toilet paper pieces sold in stores) and then another baggy of dry.) Trust me those wet wipes keep your cheeks nice and clean and dont give you that stucco butt feeling.
    2.) Knife (Gerber)- Gut hook is a must in my book (others view it as optional)
    3.) Charged Cell phone (turned off)
    4.) Small flashlight ( Looking at the new Gerber Carnivore for an upgrade this year)
    5.) Extra shooting glove- (probably traditionalist only)
    6.) Camera- (Most times i put it in a baggy incase it rains)
    7.) Dont worry about scents and all that fun stuff all you need are the Hunters Specialties Earth Scent wafers. They are amazing. Its just for cover use. Youll understand when you smell them.
    8.) Safety Belt- ( Just got a Hunters Safety System for Christmas its awesome) I used the kind that fits around your chest like a vest. I usually cut the nut rippers off ( those would be the leg straps) I think id rather hit the ground than have my nuts mashed when I fall, its a toss up really)

    Other than that i think you are ready. Scent Lok clothes arent a necessity just remember the wind in your face and blowing away from where you expect the deer to come from. Youll learn as you go how to prepare for each weekend. Food wise I like to make those pies with the pie irons over an open flame. They are extremely versatile you can make pizza sandwiches, ham and cheese, grilled cheese, fruit pies. Take a couple gallon jugs of drinking water, and fill some bigger jugs with clean up water that you can keep in teh back of your truck. Laundry detergent bottles work well for this (the ones that sit on their side with the push button valve thing on them) Label them for your own good too. Other than that you are ready to go. Make up a first aid kit if you feel compelled, depends on how far out you are going and how long you are going to be gone. Its just something to keep in the truck.
    Good Luck and dont let those less informed call it junk either. Its really a must kind of thing. You wont get all of it in one season, but my experience has taught me to buy the best the first time, it beats buying the cheaper one every other year.
  7. the 1st thing to pack is your hunter safety vest. you can't hunt if your laid up or dead. next a watch, pull ropes, cell ph, scent seild, there's all kinds of things but safety items should be job #1.
  8. Hey Randall, you forgot three ESSENTIALS:

    1) BEER!!!!

    2) Picture of BOSS; seeing that you'll be away from him while you're out there.

    3) ME!!! I thought I was going to be able to sit in the No.1 stand???!!!:mad: !!!

    Why, the nerve of that Rookie!!!!!!:evil:
  9. Do's & Don'ts


    1. Besure your hunting outfit is free of odors that will spook Deer. I usually let my outfit "air out" atleat two weeks before the season.

    2. Check the sights on your Shotgun, M/L, Bow, or Pistol. Make sure it is sighted in for the range you expect to take a Deer.

    3. Take along: a cell phone, small flashlight, good piece of rope (10' in length) Two SHARP hunting knives, Rubber Gloves for field dressing, extra ammo,or arrows, & Proper license/tags.

    4. Make sure someone knows exactly where you'll be hunting incase you need assistance.


    1. Stay up late the night before opening day
    2. Fuel-up your truck or car while wearing your hunting outfit. You don't want gasoline smell on your outfit.
    3. Don't drink a lot of coffee the morning of the hunt!
    4. Don't take a lot of snacks with you up in your stand. Remember Deer have a good since of smell!
    5. Try not to smoke while hunting.

  10. Go figure!

    Go figure.... the only post without substance was our beloved field journalist!

    Keep it coming gents...I write slow!

  11. I've been doing this for 30 years and I never have enough stuff.

    Keep it first...
    vest and safety harness, rope, flashlight, proper clothes and boots for the season...the essentials can fit in your pockets or a fanny no attention to my bulging cargo pockets and back pack...the rest is all up to you.
    ;) The best equipment is a little brother willing to scout and place your stand...usually in the best place since he feels sorry for have so little opportunity to get out. And a farmer ready to bring the tractor or 4 wheeler since he thinks you are too out of shape to drag the deer. I almost forgot, he gets your stuff ready and sights in your gun too.
  12. Will here is what I take to the woods during deer season. First I put on my camo after is has been near the goat pens ( go ahead and laugh, around here all the deer smell is goats and I hunt right across from my house), then my muzzle loader wipe down with a scent rag, a pair of horns, a grunt tube and a scent bottle with tinks because Dean has not given me any MRS DOE PEE to try out. And that is all besides by boots and scent rag to pull behind me.
  13. practice,practice,practice,then a lot more PRACTICE,all that gear does you no good if you dont make the shot!!!!!!
  14. Equipment/essentials

    A good field journalist who is willing to sit at camp and eagerly record your story is an option. Dean you can't be in a stand and write at the same time, you will be distracted.