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Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by j.co89, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Anyone in Indiana hunt with suppressor? Don't know anyone that does but I'm going to get one for the 22 250 and just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on them that have them.
  2. I have a Silencerco Hybrid. I haven't used it to hunt yet but I will. Just remember to sight your gun with the suppressor on.

  3. no, but i would like to have one on my hog/yote gun as well. the ol 22-250 is hard on the ears for sure! maybe next year ill have some money to do it?
  4. I'm looking at the Silencerco Harvester 30. I got a 243 that I'll eventually get threaded. And plan on buying aa 308 in the near future as well.
  5. I've looked all over but can't find what exactly what all legal game you can hunt with them. Do you have any idea or can someone clarify? 70worm-did you have a barrel threaded or buy something with a factory thread on it?
  6. I have a bunch of AR15s and AK47s so they were already threaded.
  7. im pretty sure they repealed the suppressor ban back in 2013. you better check into that now though to be sure that law still stands.
  8. did you ever research this question OP?
  9. Yes as far as I can find the repeal of the ban still stands. But have yet to find anything about allowable game.
  10. You can hunt with suppressors.