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Blog Supreme Court Rulings

Discussion in 'Front Page Material' started by FireLt72, May 22, 2017.

  1. FireLt72

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    I want to set this blog with an opening statement and then into the meat of my thoughts. I am a Christian Conservative and Republican- in that order. I do not agree with the SCOUS ruling, but I am not a homophobe or hater, I just stand on a different viewpoint. Because I don’t agree with you doesn't make me a hater, but I will be labeled as such. I have not nor will I ever hate someone I disagree with. I am not a racist by any means. Have I stated words that are not proper to describe a person, race or religion; I have and I am sure we all have, I try not to do that today. I teach my kids to judge on character not color. I do not like Mr. Obama for his politics not his color. So please see that I am trying to be as fair as I can be and ask you to do the same.

    Yesterday the Supreme Court released the decision on Homosexual rights and the court rules that the Defense of Marriage Act passed under President Clinton was partially illegal and banned section 7. This section refused to give government payments to someone other than a man/women marriage. The rest of the act is still in effect from what I can gather. The SCOUS also vacated the will of the people by refusing to act on the case of California's Prop 8. This is a referendum that the people of California, a very liberal state if not the most liberal state, passed at the ballot box. This law was challenged and sent to the 9th Court of Appeals which stated the voice of the people was invalid. The justice that cast the vote that did this is a gay man living with another man; a conflict of interests at the very least. I bring these points up to raise a different point, but the same end; our Republic is in real trouble. Replace any issue you have that is important to you from Abortion to Gun Rights and with one activist judge or a Supreme Court who fails to rule on something your issue is now illegal.

    Let's look at hunting and fishing since that seems to me the main reason we read these blogs and hang out on these websites.

    Today we can hunt and fish as we have been able to do for years. The hunting and most fishing opportunities have exploded and are better than ever or at least equal to times past. In a previous blog I spoke about the term environmentalist and what the meaning was to me. It is worth a second read if you have time but today we are in the land of plenty. The deer, turkey, bear, elk, large mouth, small mouth and trout are doing great. There are threats to some species with invasive forms of life brought in intentionally or accidentally. The Asian Carp, Zebra Mussel in waterways and disease like EHD and CWD are in the news. What I am saying is this there are threats to our hobbies and ways of life. I don’t think that those are our biggest threats. Today it is from inside and outside the country.
    Look at the passage of the UN Small Arms Treaty. It has been said by the Secretary of State John Kerry that the Obama Administration would sign this treaty even if the senate doesn’t ratify it, 6/03/13. That treaty will require the countries that sign the treaty to establish national regulations to control transfer of weapons and from what I read databases of owners. We can’t rest on what we have today for tomorrow we may not have it. That is not an irrational statement of fear or of trying to induce fear, but of truth. Look back 20-30 years ago and look at today. Would our parents and grandparents have thought we’d be talking about gay rights, UN Small Arms and government health care? No, these were not even on the radar 20 years ago. These issues were only fringe ideas that people didn’t think about then. I am saying todays fringe issues are tomorrow laws. Already there are groups who want to institute polygamy into the mainstream and think that the ruling by the SCOUS opens the door to that. What is next? Our way of life is in jeopardy. I am not saying that the right to marry someone of the same sex is putting our hunting or fishing in danger. I am saying that this was a fringe idea years ago and now it is more accepted and thus is main stream. The idea that no one can come after our way of life is not crazy, it is a fringe movement today. I am telling you look back 20 years and what were the crazy ideas we heard in school about things people did? Those ideas are today. They are happening and being looked at as normal. Did we know what a blog was 20 years ago, no, but today they are normal everyday things. The internet wasn’t a huge every home product, but it is today. Cell phones were the size of concrete blocks and today are small and easy to carry. There are thing coming down the pike that will have an impact on you the hunter/fisher. There are pacts and deals that will directly hit the outdoors. Look at the ammo issues we have today. The administration can’t legally ban gun, but they can make it very hard to get ammo, so in effect they have a gun ban if you can’t shoot. I am playing Paul Revere today, they are coming and they want to take away the rights of the citizen. An unarmed society can be controlled easily. I do not make a habit of overreaction but after yesterday’s historic rulings by the SCOUS I am now sure anything is possible. Those of you whom state that they can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hand may have the opportunity to prove your resolve sooner rather than later.