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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. I received a letter/survey from the Indiana Divsion of Fish & Wildlife yesterday. It is a 25 question survey entitled "Your Deer Hunting in Indiana". There are 4 questions relating to the OBR in the survey. The letter is signed by Kyle Hupfer, Director, Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Did anyone else get this letter/survey?

  2. I did not get one guess this is the "random survey" the state is using this year to take a pulse on Deer Hunting issues. Use it well Tree.

    I am curious though Tree...........what are some or all of the questions......again, just curious. I guess I will find it interesting on what they are trying to "measure".......and how they are asking what they are trying to "measure".
  3. None for me...they probably don't send them to us mediocre hunters...just dudes who kill MONSTER bucks!
  4. I didn't get one either. Guess you're special Randy.
  5. Rowdy


    I heard they were only sending these to the elderly hunters, because they are the only ones with time to actually fill them out.

  6. And you wondered why we treated you the way we did when you first joined us...because you deserved it and we didn't even know it at the time!!! :bash:
  7. Randy

    I have not received one either. I hope they send one my way, so I can show my support for the OBR.
  8. Well I went out and checked my mailbox and I didn't get one.
  9. usually on the list

    I usually get most of the stuff they send out. Nothing yet.

  10. Shhhhh

    Ok, the form is a prank I'm playing on Randy, but don't tell him.
  11. Easy there, I am 25 and I received this survey over the weeked!!
  12. He saw the gray hair....RRRRrrrrrraaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddaaaaalllllllllll!!!!!!!
  13. Oh look out....Mr. Modesty there....Like you're not gonna kill the granddaddy of them all this year JL. Don't you dare condescend.........

    Might I remind you, Coach...!!??

    Associated Press November 11, 2006

    "The Lyon King"

    A Fremont man arrows a 220" Typical freak buck outside of Fremont, Indiana yesterday, November 10, 2006. A "day that will live in infamy" according to one James Lyon. His deer hunting hero, Mr. Dean Weimer, of nearby Garrett, coined the name Lyon King right after the end of deer season last year. After showing much mojo on the area lakes while fishing in the spring and summer of 2006, James, known as JL to many, was picked by the hunting Gods way in advance to kill this new world record. It seems that a group of half witted, derelict, idiot, outdoorsman maniacs; whom Lyon had mysteriously befriended over a year ago, had long suspicioned that JL would be the recipient of such good fortune.
    As with any harvesting of a potential record buck in the modern era, there is some speculation on the authenticity of this one.
    It seems as though Lyon's boss, the principal of Prairie Heights High School, has questioned the date on the kill. "Well James called in sick that Friday morning, and I know he wouldn't lie, so I'm wondering if there is a mix up on the date of kill". Lyon responds, "Well, yeah, I did call in with the F.L.U that morning, but mere moments after I called in I began to feel much better. I think it was fate.... It was too late to call back and let them know I'd be was 4:00 in the morning. I figured I'd might as well go hunting".........

    Stay tuned.....