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    Nothing big, but we didn't care. It was about the continuing father/daughter memories and for Sydney to keep gaining experience to build upon. Sydney has been ate up with hunting since she could walk and talk. She has killed her share of animals over the years using virtually every means of gear. Last year she gave up the crossbow in favor of her compound had success. She loves bow hunting. So this Saturday morning when this button came through, she asked me what to do, and I said, "kill him if you want to". At 25 yards, broadside standing in a small opening in the corn, she let an arrow fly out of her 40# setup and made a perfect heart shot, with the arrow buried in the ground. A short 40 yard tracking job later and there was her prize. We joked that those small deer are a more challenging target. I was pretty proud of her shot that she put on that deer. All those hours of practice paid off.
  2. Nice work! Congrats! Those little guys are delicious!

  3. Congrats to you both. I can't wait to see the video sometime.
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  4. Congratulations. Bow hunting is the best. She did a great job . Awesome job.
  5. Awsome job by both of you! My boy harvested his first deer this year and it is awsome to watch the youngsters do it themselves. Moments we will never forget! After my son shot his I could have went all season without getting one and still been happy as my mission was complete. Glad to see your girl moving up to a regular bow. Hoping my son does the same when he is big enough. Way to scrawny now lol. Again congrats to you both!
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    Congrats to you both.
  7. Thanks all. I forgot to post this, but her older sister, Trevor, followed up with an archery button as well the next weekend. These two just love to be out bow hunting. They seem to have no desire anymore to take a gun or muzzleloader into the field. I love hunting with them.

  8. Congrats DEC! It looks like you are raising some lifetime hunters there.
    I haven't been able to get my girls (15 and 19) to show any interest other than a couple ground blind sits with me. My boys (5 and 10) shoot their bows with we and are looking forward to going soon. I can't wait to post pictures of my kids first deer!
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  9. They are 16 and 18 now. They have been going hunting with me since they were both 3 or 4 years old. My oldest killed her first deer and turkey when she was 8. My youngest killed her first turkey at 7 and deer at 8. They have killed a slew of deer, turkeys, ducks, and geese over the years. My oldest heads off to college next year so hunting with her will probably dry up for at least 4 years, but she will be back. She asked me the other day if I would still take her when she is "35". I told her that she might be taking me by that point ... LOL. My youngest is a hunting machine. That girl will hunt just about any time I suggest it. She shoots her bow on her own all summer and on summer nights she and some friends usually grab BB guns and go frog hunting on their own. She is a die hard when it comes to deer hunting. She is still on her quest for antlers this year and wants to get back out after them when gun season ends.
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